Monday, April 29, 2013

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 32

Well, here we are again! The past two weeks have flown by. I am still feeling great, and everything looked good at my midwife appointment last week. I am definitely getting more anxious about meeting Charlie. Curious to see what he will look like. Will he be big like Will or a bit smaller like Sam? Will he have brown eyes or blue? Will he actually have hair?!? Oh, who am I kidding. I'm pretty sure I only make bald babies. BUT, as much as I would love to see him, I am perfectly fine with him staying in there as long as he'd like. I have way to much stuff I would like to get accomplished before he comes. 

It has been fun collecting some new baby boy items for Charlie. Although I do have a plethora of boy clothes already, Will and Sam were born in the fall/winter, so I have needed to stock up on newborn summer clothes. I have been able to find a bunch of onesies, teeny little shorts and cute rompers at thrift stores. I haven't started putting together his nursery, but am hoping to start tackling that soon! I have a bunch of ideas for decorating it, and am excited to see how it all comes together. 

One thing that is bound to happen when you are pregnant, is to receive comments from strangers. Negative or positive. But really it doesn't bother me at all. I get asked quite often if I know what I am having. The responses when I say "another boy" always make me smile. I get everything from bulging eyes to, God bless ya. That's wonderful," and "Oh girl, keep having them boys. Have ten of em. Because girls man..." 

The best one so far has been from this sweet older lady as we were leaving the YMCA. When I told her I was having another boy, her friend chimed in first saying, "Oh I was going to say, I hope you are having a girl!" But the other one said that she had 3 boys before having a girl,

"And you know what?" she says, shaking her head.

"It was weird, right?" I said. 

"Yes." she says, "Every time I changed her diaper....I thought I pulled something off!"  Ha! 

I do admit to have been a little bit disappointed when we found out we were having a 3rd boy. That I wasn't "getting my girl." But I am so in love with this 3rd son of mine already, I can't imagine it being a girl!

Charlie is definitely a mover and a shaker. I don't know if he really is more active than his brothers were or if I have just forgotten what they were like. He is head down, so let's hope he stays that way!

Here is the belly at 32 weeks! (Here I am at 32 weeks with Sam).

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