Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pregnancy Diary: Week 20 - Vacation Edition!

Oh man, where to start! It has been 5 weeks since I last wrote in my "diary", and life has been very busy. I will try to remember it all with this pregnancy brain of mine (which I will talk more about later)!

June 26th my older brother married his beautiful bride, Anna! It was a wonderful ceremony and awesome reception.

~The 4 Amigos and their ladies~

We were able to go to Sea Breeze a couple times this summer, and Will had a blast! He had no reservations going on all the kiddie rides. At the end of every ride, he would make a confused look and put his hands in the air as to say "Uh, what's going on here?"

We have also had fun at the beach, graduations parties, boat rides and hanging out at a lake house, and 4th of July festivities.

I had my 19 week ultrasound, and found out we are expecting another boy! Everything looked great. He measured perfectly, to the day! We have a first name, but no middle yet. Once we have decided on that, we will absolutely share it!

Last, but not least, we just got home from a great week long vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC! A very gracious long time friend of the family opened up his beautiful home to us and my whole family. We had a great time! We (as in we, I mean mostly Dean) drove through the night, there and back. Will did ok, considering. We had safe travels, and made great time even when the GPS would poop out on us, leaving us lost in D.C. for awhile at 4am. The weather was lovely. A few showers here and there, but nothing that threw a wrench into our plans. There was always a nice breeze which made the heat bearable. We managed to not get burned, but still got some nice color. Our days were lazy. We spent them at the beautiful (private community) pool, at the beach playing in the oceans waves, or just hanging out at home playing Pictionary, Chinese Checkers and Euchre. Dean was able to get in some golf, and went out jet skiing with my little sis, Camryn.

Dean and I were able to go out on a date night together. We went to the Market Commons, had a great dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery, walked around a bit window shopping, and I finally got to go into Anthropologie. I pretty much died and went to wish-I was-rich-heaven. We stopped at Dairy Queen for a quick ice cream cone, and then we went back to the pool for a relaxing night swim. It was a wonderful night!

We had a couple nights just spent at home having yummy cookouts and playing cornhole. We went to Broadway at the Beach one afternoon, and had a couples date night at Barefoot Landing where we had dinner at Wild Wings Cafe. I completely stuffed myself with the most delicious wings.

As fun as it was, we are glad to be back home. We still have so many more fun things planned for the summer; another wedding, annual family party, and Family Camp!

As for the pregnancy, I am feeling pretty well. I get a bit lightheaded sometimes, and just have to take it easy. The heat has been tough. I almost passed out in the checkout line at Goodwill...again. I actually did pass out there when I was pregnant with Will. I was able to sit down in time, this time around. I am feeling the baby move around some, which is always fun. My Braxton Hicks have started already. A few weeks earlier then with my first. My hormones seem to have settled a bit, and I haven't had any over emotional outburst for awhile now. I have had quite the pregnancy brain though, resulting in some moments where I just have to laugh at myself. Here are the ones I have remembered:

~ I pulled into the gas station, and for the life of me I couldn't remember what side my gas tank was the same car I have been driving for almost 4 years now. I sat there for a good 30 seconds before remembering, and that is a long time in gas station time.

~ I was in line at Wegmans, behind another woman. You know how it goes. As the conveyor belt opens up, you fill it with your groceries. Oh, but not me. I'm just standing there, yawning, waiting patiently, taking candy bars out of Will hands, and not putting one thing on there. The other lady leaves, the cashier says "Hi." I say "Hi." A couple seconds go by before "Oh my goodness! I am so sorry." Doih.

~ I was pulled over for having a brake light out. The State Trooper ask for my license. I give him my HSBC Debit card. Enough said.

~ One night, a couple days before we left for vacation (which I clearly needed) I was going over in my head what I needed to do the next day. Public Market, bank, doctors, Wegmans, etc. etc. It was a busy day. The next morning, I even made a list of what I needed to do....blah blah, BANK, blah, blah blah, etc. etc. So, Public Market, check! Doctors, check! I pull into the bank, start to pull up to the ATM, and I stop. I think "what did I need to do at the bank?" No one was behind me so I just sit there. Eyes squinted, forehead wrinkled, thinking. "Withdrawal? No, I did that a few days ago. Deposit? Nope, no checks." Turns out there was absolutely nothing I needed to do at the bank.

~Also, I stubbed my toe at least 10 times within a 2 week period.

20 Weeks