Thursday, February 28, 2013

Will overload

The other day we were hanging out upstairs, and the sun was shining bright through my bedroom windows. I asked Will if he wanted to take some pictures on my bed, fully expecting him to say no. Well, to my surprise he said yes and jumped right up on my bed. Now, of course having your picture taken is no fun for a 4 year old boy unless you get to make silly faces. Although, I did manage to get a few smiles out of him.

Monday, February 25, 2013

What's in a name

Picking a name for your baby can be a daunting task. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to choosing one. Some go for classic while others like more obscure. For some the meaning is what counts and for others using family names is most important.

We prefer more traditonal names for a first, and I LOVE using family names as well. Will's is an obvious family name, and Sam's middle name (Leonard) is Dean's maternal grandparents last name.

I've known people who like to wait until the baby is born to decide on a name, and if that works for you than go for it. For me, I think it would totally stress me out.  I love calling my baby by name before he is even born. Thankfully, we have yet to have an issue with picking names. Although, we're at the end of our list of baby boy names now, so if we end up having a baby boy #4 next time around we may have some problems.

The name we have chosen for this 3rd baby boy of ours is one we had picked out when I was pregnant with Sam as well. But I knew for sure that Sam was to be Sam, and I know that this name will be perfect for our 3rd son. I can't wait to meet our son...

Charles George Eaton

(And yes, we will call him Charlie!)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My style :: Pregnancy edition

I may be in the minority on this one, but I do enjoy dressing my growing baby bump. Sure, it can be frustrating at times...normal pants don't fit, maternity pants keep falling down and you keep feeling a draft on your stomach from your shirt rising up over your ever growing belly. But it's fun to be creative with different layers and such.

I'm still squeezing into my same jeans, counting on a ponytail to hold it all together, and my normal shirts seem to get shorter every day. I am pregnant in a completely different season than I was with both Will and Sam, so all my cold weather "maternity" clothes are a bit to big now. I am definitely excited for warm weather and flowy skirts and dresses. Here are some outfits from the past week (or so)!

Outfit details: Running errands
>>> Pants: F21
>>> Shirt: HM, thrifted
>>> Scarf: Target, clearance

Outfit details: Grocery shopping
>>> Top: HM, thrifted
>>> Coat: Gap, thrifted
>>> Belt: Target
>>> Leggings Rue 21
>>> Scarf: Walmart (old)

Outfit details: Play date
>>> Shirt: Old Navy
>>> Jeans: F21
>>> Belt: Target, thrifted
>>>Shoes: Not sure, thrifted

 Outfit details: Church
>>> Shirt: HM
>>> Blazer: Don't know, thrifted
>>> Jeans: F21
>>> Necklace: F21
>>> Shoes, Don't know, thrifted

Now, I'd be fooling you all if I let you think that I actually get "dressed up" all the time. Not even close. This last outfit is pretty much what I look like 75% of the time. As soon as I get home, the sweats go on. There is even the occasional trip out in the sweats, and I'm not just talking 'bout the gym. So yeah.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 22

This week's pregnancy update will be short and sweet. Not much has changed besides the number on the scale, so I won't bore you with humdrum details. I'm feeling great! No complaints. Excited for vaca in less than 3 weeks. Get to pull out some summer clothes, and hope they fit.

I have been asked many times if I am excited about having a 3rd boy. Now, to be completely honest, if I had  had a choice in the matter (which...I don't) I probably would have chosen to have a girl. Purely because of the fact that I already have 2 boys, and a girl would have added some nice variety. But really, who am I to complain about another perfectly healthy baby boy? So yes, I am excited about this precious boy kicking around in my womb! Plus, I can still hold on to the hope that if I were to ever have a girl, that maybe, just maybe she wouldn't make me as sick as my boys have. I know, it's a stretch. But gee whiz, girls gotta have a little glimmer of hope if I'm to keep going through being that sick again.

So, here is the belly at 22 weeks, low as ever. We've had a busy day running errands all over, and went straight from the gym to do them. So, gym clothes is what you get this week!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You may say I'm a dreamer...

...but I'm not! Now, I'm not saying I literally don't have dreams when I sleep (I actually have very, very strange ones) or have hopes for my future....our family's future. But sitting around and daydreaming is just something I don't do. I was never that young girl who had her dream wedding planned out and a whole list of baby names written out. I don't dream about our future grow old together house and how I would like it to be....although a first or second floor laundry would be nice. It's just not who I am. I am a practicalist. I like to plan. I live in the now, and the short foreseen future. I don't like to spend my time wishing for something grand to happen when there are things to be done today. It just doesn't make sense to me.

I love Pinterest. I think it is a fantastic tool for creative inspiration. For some people it can be very addicting, I am sure. Seeing all these cool ideas and pretty things and dreaming to have them. But unless I am looking to be inspired for something now, I find it a bit frustrating.

Now, I'm not saying that being a dreamer is a bad thing; that they're all just wishful thinkers living in la la land. Without dreamers we wouldn't have much in this world. Oh, we'd have houses and fire and maybe even indoor plumbing (because lets be honest...there ain't anything more practical than a toilet and some running water.) But it would be a pretty plain little world. You see, not having that dreamer personality, it also means I am not very adventurous. Not a very spur of the moment kind of person.

My husband on the other hand, is a dreamer; a visionary. Like, you don't even know. His brain is constantly going. Always coming up with (sometimes crazy) ideas. He talks about traveling the world when we're rich, and the big house we're going to have. He is definitely an out of the box thinker where as I tend to be more in the box. And yes, I think we can drive each other crazy sometimes. He will want to do something fun very last minute, but then I come in with the practicalities of it all (usually having something to do with a little, eh, problem called the kids) and shut it down. But then if it weren't for me we would have a catapult in our backyard soooo....

But we work well together. Here is a perfect example of our two very different personalities working together in harmony...

This March, we are going on a Caribbean cruise! Yeah, I know. I still can't believe it either. I don't think I will believe it even after it's happened. Dean has been talking for months and months now about wanting to do a big vacation this Winter/early Spring. As much as a vacation would be nice, if it were completely up to me, it probably wouldn't happen. I would most likely blame it on the need to use the money on something more practical or just keep saving it or something boring and practical like that. But Dean was so stoked about the idea of a beachy vacation, I figured if we're going to do it I had better start planning. Researching. Comparing prices. Making sure everything lined up perfectly.

So, come March 6th we will be off to Florida to leave on 4 night cruise in the Caribbean, with a day on either side to hang out in (hopefully)warm and sunny Ft. Lauderdale. We are very excited about it! This is the perfect time to get away for a bit, just us two. The boys do wonderfully being left with the Grandma's and Grandpa's, and this will be the last chance for awhile to get away alone before baby comes in June. I plan on doing a lot of nothing, not eating too much food and hopefully not coming back burnt to a crisp. I have a feeling none of that will happen. Can't wait to be able to share some pictures!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The verdict is in...

Three boy. They'll be the best of friends. Three sons who will love, honor, respect and protect their mommy (and future sisters) just like their daddy does. Three boys to snuggle with one minute and wrestle with the next. Three boys to keep this mommy on her toes. Three boys to love.

Everything looked great on the ultrasound; perfectly proportioned. Baby was very squirmy, but gave us a good enough view for the doctor to be certain it is, in fact, another boy. Will was pretty upset when he found out. He really wanted a sister. But, I am sure he'll be over by tomorrow, and is going to love having another brother to boss around. Dean is in shock that he will have THREE boys. I am anxious to start decorating a BOY nursery, and picking out colors for his blanky I will make. We are beyond thrilled to be blessed with another healthy baby, and can't wait to meet him now!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 20

Man, the two weeks between these posts are just flying by! We are half way there now. I am feeling pretty great. My energy is back, and I am feeling as normal as any pregnant girl can. I feel like I always have to pee, but if that is my only complaint I'll take it.

We have our ultrasound this Thursday, and we are SO EXCITED! I was telling Dean just yesterday that I don't remember being this anxious to find out the gender. With both Will and Sam I just knew they were boys. From the very beginning I referred to them as a 'he'. But this time around I really have no inklings at all.

Before getting pregnant this time, I was really hoping for a girl next. I felt that if we found out we were having a 3rd boy I would be pretty disappointed. But ever since getting pregnant I just don't care. I truly just want the baby to be healthy, boy or girl. Although, if I HAD to bet on what it is I would have to say boy. But I don't know if it's because it's all I've ever known or what. And really, one big reason for wanting a girl over a boy is because I have so many more decoration ideas for a girl nursery opposed to a boy. So yeah, pretty superficial.

Will is getting more and more excited about the baby, and I just love it. The other day we were hanging out in my bedroom and just out of the blue he asks the question..."Mom, how is the baby gonna come out?" Seeing as how I would love for him to be in the room during the birth, I couldn't exactly say it comes out of my belly button ;-P So, I told him in the simplest of words, and I said that the baby was going to be born right on mommy's bed! He started doing this nervous/excited laugh and then said he wanted to hold the baby. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

So here is the belly at 20 weeks!