Thursday, July 9, 2015

Super Bat Sam!

Oh, Sam. My sweet little guy who wants nothing more than to be BIG. If Sam ever happens to tell you how big you are, you can be sure he means it as a great compliment!

Sam went though a little I-don't-want-to-sleep-stage, which in this house doesn't fly. So, one day during nap time, after getting out of bed one to many times, I told him that you grow when you sleep! It worked like a charm, and his sleeping got 100% better. Then, for weeks after that, every time he woke up the first thing he'd say was, "Look how big I am!"

Last night as we were brushing our teeth at bedtime, I told him, "I can't believe you rode your bike all the way to the park today, Sam! You are getting so big!" To wish he responds, "Am I getting huger and huger?!" Yes, Sam. Yes, you are.