Thursday, February 18, 2010

Modern Day Baby Book

I confess. I have not done the best job at keeping up with Williams baby book. Or this blog, for that matter. The first child is supposed to have the perfect baby book, down to the very last detail; first poopy diaper (how exciting!), first gassy smile (aw, so cute!), first lock of hair from first haircut, saved (he'll be so happy you kept that).

I have every intention of being that perfect mom, but am far from it. I have his ankle bracelet from the hospital...somewhere. I think. Papers from (most) doctors visits with his measurements, crumpled together in pile. I figured I would kill two birds with one stone here, and actually write a blog about what Will is up to these days.

He is coming up on 16 months. I love, love, love this age! He is so much fun to play and interact with. Every day he learns something new. Here are some of his favorite things:

- Playing on the bed, throwing pillows, being thrown on pillows.

- Wrestling with his daddy.

- Veggie Tales.

- Eating! This little guy can really put it away. A typical day? Breakfast, snack, lunch, (nap), 2nd lunch, snack, first dinner, second dinner. He stores it all in his belly. Not to mention nursing 3 times, and cups of milk throughout the day.

He has the cutest laugh ever! He thinks it's the funniest thing when you say God bless you when he sneezes. Laughs hysterically when you "accidentally" make something fall, and claps his hands, laughs, and dances when daddy plays music from his phone.

He runs for the hills when its time to put his coat on, cries like the dickens when he gets his diaper changed, and can whine with the best of them when he doesn't get his way.

He doesn't have much of a vocabulary yet. Back in the summer he made the noises dada and mama, but since then has stopped saying it. His first official he knows-what-it-means- when-he-says-it-word is.......yeah. Yeah, that's right. Yeah.

He has 12 teeth, and is working on his canines. Not fun!

Although he doesn't say much, he understands alot. We've been teaching him body parts. He know his belly, hands, toes and head. We're working on spleen, ankle, and collarbone.

He spends most of his time going from one thing he can't touch to the next, and just loves hanging out with his mommy!