Monday, March 9, 2015

So I don't forget (because I totally will)

Charlie is 20 months old right now. This age has always been my favorite. Although Charlie has brought along some new challenges I'm not used to dealing with at this young of an age (read; ATTITUDE), it is mostly overshadowed by his intense cuteness. 

I always think I will remember the cute things my kids do or say. But give it a few months or sometimes just days, and the memory is already gone. I am so bad about just writing things down too, so this is my meager attempt to rectify that.

Charlie and I have our little bedtime routine. Somewhere around 8pm it begins. I toss his blanky over my shoulder, and say, "Chaaaarlie, do you want to go eat eat (our special name for nursing)?" He usually responds with a "No" and runs away from me. I scoop him right up, and he quickly succumbs without a fight. He then points to Will, Sam and daddy and gives them all their kisses and hugs. He waves and says, "Bye!" as we head up the stairs. We turn on his sound machine, and settle into our chair. With his blanky draped over him he begins to nurse. His free hand is constantly trying to grab at "me" (Mamas, you know what I mean!) We sit and rock for just a bit. Then, still nursing, I stand up and begin to pray over him. "In Jesus name...." and his head pops up to chime in..."Aaaamen". Then he points to his dresser (No idea why!) and then points to his bed. I sit him down in his crib, and lay out his most special blanky. He plops right down on his back, and I cover him with blankets. I bend down to give him a hug and kisses. I stroke his cheek and I tell him goodnight, and that I love him sooo much. As I begin to pull away from him he waves (WAVES) and says, "Bye!" We blow kisses as I walk away. Sometimes I can still hear him blowing them as I shut the door behind me. He talks to himself for just a bit, and then swiftly falls asleep.