Monday, June 22, 2015

Charlie George is Two!

My baby boy is two years old! Charlie is silly, stubborn, and sweet. He LOVES all things boy; crashing cars, throwing, catching and kicking balls, playing/fighting with super heroes (Hulk! Spiderman! Thor! Iron Man!) and rough housing with his big brothers. He can definitely hold his own, and can even be a little bully sometimes to his brothers. He loves going on bike rides with daddy and playing at the playground. He likes to go high on the swings, and will go down the biggest slides all by himself. He can be a perfectly behaved little angel for anyone else, but as soon as mommy gets back cue the whining. He hates having socks and shoes on, and will take them off every time he is in his car seat. Every. Time. He is a great snuggler, and loves to get all cozy on the couch.

He still likes to nurse ('eat eat' as we like to call it), and is an all around finicky eater. He can inhale a spicy taco bowl, but then refuse his bowl of oatmeal. He gets super excited about drinking his bottle/cup of water. It's pretty great.

I thought FOR SURE he would not cooperate having his picture taken. Anytime I pull out my camera he usually gets mad. But he was in a strange, fantastic mood the other day, and was content just being chill and wandering around the park with me being all cute.

We love you so much, Charlie!

Here is Charlie at one years old!