Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall 2014 Family Pictures

1,145. That is how many pictures we took at our latest family photo session. Sounds like overkill right? Well, anyone who has tried getting a non blurry, posed picture of a kid....let alone 3....let alone 3 wild, crazy, never stop moving boys, knows that you can never take enough pictures in order to get a handful of good ones. 

We planned it very last minute. I woke up that Sunday morning realizing that we were going to be busy every weekend day for the rest of October, and the chance of getting Sunday in November with decent enough weather was not very likely. Thankfully my sister and brother in law were free to meet us at the park that afternoon. It was a bit chilly and breezy, but it wasn't raining and the sun did start peeking through part way through to warm things up a bit. I was trying to rush through it as quick as we could since I knew none of the boys wanted to be there, but Dean's idea of stopping every 5 minutes to let the boys run around was a much better idea.

We really did get some good shots. Poor Charlie though, he is always washed out in our pictures. He is so fair that he reflects the sun so much!

See our family pictures from last year right here!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Will!

William turns 6 years old today! This past year has been such a year of growth for him. He was SO excited when he turned five. He kept talking about all the things he was going to do when he was five, and I must say, year five did not disappoint. He learned to ride a two wheeler bike, completely by himself, in just 30 minutes. He lost his first tooth. He played on his first soccer team, and it was amazing to see the change in him from the beginning of the season to the end. Not only in his soccer skills, but socially. He has always been on the shy, quiet side, but since playing soccer he has been much more outgoing. He has even gone up to another kid (a complete stranger) at the playground and asked to play. This was huge for him!

He completed his first year of school (Kindergarten), and although there were plenty of rough patches, he never ceased to astound me with his ability to learn. He continues to work hard as he starts first grade.

Not only has he grown socially, he has grown physically as well! At this rate, this kid is going to be taller than me within a few years. I buy size 7 pants for him thinking "they look long, but we'll just roll'em up so they fit his waist" only to have them fit just fine. I still think of him as a cute, chubby little three year old, but he has grown to be such a handsome young boy.

Here is his About Myself survey for year six!

My best friends name is: Mo (his cousin)

My favorite thing to play: Nintendo DS and iPad

My favorite color: All of them, except pink

My favorite animal: Dogs and Horses

My favorite book: Piggie and Gerald books (by Mo Willems)

My favorite song: Overcomer, by Mandisa, Let it Go, and Happy

My favorite food: Mac and cheese and hot dogs....and cake

My yuckiest food: (Still) green beans

When I grow up I want to be: The Hulk

Something I really like: Playing DS with Aunt Meme and Aunt Kate

Something I really don't like: Sitting at the table all day doing school

My favorite thing about myself: Fast at running and funny sometimes.

What makes you happy: Having a family movie night

Something I want to do this year when I'm 6: Go on a date with mommy

I am so proud of the nice, funny, smart, sweet and handsome BIG boy you are growing to be, William. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!