Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Henry Francis :: Four

Henry at 4 months is pretty great! He is super smiley, laughing, and starting to grab at toys. All of that *almost* makes up for how tired he makes me. He has also been sucking on his fingers, which is a first for my kids, and super cute. Just today he had been napping and was making some noises here and there, but not really crying. Charlie and I went up to peak in on him and he was just laying there quietly awake and sucking on his fingers. So cute!

Slowly but surely we are getting some extra milk in him, thanks to a generous friend donating some milk. He had a 1 lb weight gain this past month (compared to the 10oz gain the previous month) which was very great to see!

He is still super attached to mommy which is adorable and frustrating all at the same time.

Here is Henry at 4 months old!

Sam at 4 months old
Charlie at 4 months old