Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Potty Training: Day 1 & 2

Will has yet to show any interest in potty training. I kept waiting for a sign that he was ready before I dove into it. I didn't want all the time, effort and all the dirty messes to go to waste if he just wasn't ready. (Not even kidding. As I was writing this Will came up to me with dirty fingers and underwear full of poop. Nice.)

BUT he is coming up on 3.5 years, and well, the kid is huge. Size 6 diapers just barely fit him. Someone joked recently that if he isn't potty trained soon he'll have to start wearing Depends! So something must be done. Well, more like I've got to do something about it.

We got a portable potty since I think the big one scares him, (he freaks out whenever I've tried to have him sit on it) and I've told him I will give him "special surprise chocolate" if he goes pee on the potty.

So we started yesterday. I had him sit on his little potty that barely fits his butt while he watched Kipper.

He surprisingly sat there for almost 30 minutes! Not a drop of pee to be seen though, so I let him get up and he put on some Batman underwear.

He looked so stinkin' cute in his tight little underwear, so I called him over to take his picture. The very first picture I took is this one:

Yes. That is him peeing. Not 2 minutes had passed since getting off the potty, and he peed in his underwear. We were off to a great start!

I have been told to just let him run around in underwear or naked and he will hate the feeling of pee trickling down his leg. That it might motivate him NOT to do it again. But it didn't seem to phase him at all.

I put him in a diaper when we went out for the morning, and tried out the potty again when we got back.

 Not sure what Sam was doing here. Trying to get my attention most likely!

Same thing happened. Sat there for 20+ minutes, and 2 minutes after putting his underwear back on he peed on the rug.

He wore a diaper the rest of the day.

So far today it has been: Sit on the potty. Put underwear on. Pee on floor. Except, as you read above, we've also had poop in the underwear. I have a feeling this is going to go on for awhile. Wish me luck!


  1. priceless

    -grandma D.

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