Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ever since Will started eating real food I have tried my best to feed him the best. I am a firm believer that eating well at a very young age makes all the difference in your future health. He really is a great eater. I mean, he will eat a salad. My 3 year old will eat a salad! Most of the time with no complaints. BUT the older he gets it is just not possible to control everything he puts in his mouth. Especially since he is just like I was when I was his age.

You see, I would sneak into the fridge, take a tub of Cool Whip, hide under the table and have at it. Will does the same thing! He is constantly going into the kitchen, getting food and either hiding under the table or shoving it into the couch when I walk in the room (I know, I know. We're working on this). The best is when it's a big hunk of cheese being stuffed into the abyss that is my couch. Gross.

But, unfortunately for Will, I don't tend to keep Cool Whip in my fridge. So, he resorts to the next best thing: Carrots!

He will easily eat 5 in a day. And these are no baby carrots. These are the real deal, big fat carrots.

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