Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sam is 3 months old today! He has been such a perfect baby. He will just happily sit in his bouncy chair, slurping away on his hand or sucking his binky. He sleeps well, although it's almost always either in his swing or with me in bed. I know it will make the transfer into his own room and crib all that more difficult, but it just works so great for now! Poor daddy is still sleeping on the couch :-/ It's not that he isn't welcome in bed with us. In fact, I would love it if he did join us. But he just can't get past the clicking of the swing and the slurping of Sam nursing all night long.

Here's my little 3 month cutie...(he is usually more than ready to give a smile, but of course when mommy wants to take his picture it's a whole other story!)

Ah, I wish I could just SQUEEZE him! Oh wait, I can :-P

Friday, March 4, 2011

Making the Most of What We've Got

Our home isn't huge by any means. Our kitchen snuggly fits a round card table that (barely) seats the 3 of us. I look forward to the day where our home is big enough to host fancy dinner parties. For now we make the most of what we've got, and resort to informal, easy, more intimate meals shared over our living room coffee table.

Our living room, which doubles as a playroom, can get crowded easily. I really have to stay on top of the amount of toys we have, otherwise they completely take over. But with the coffee table pushed to the side it is a great space for block building, ball rolling, and nighttime wrestles with daddy.

We have 2 bedrooms, one of which will eventually sleep both the boys. It is definitely considered small, with a lot of the wall space taken up by a window, (our only) closet door, double doors, and 2 built in shelves. But I make the most of it by using the shelves to store the boys clothes, stuffed animals and ever growing collection of books. Placed the right way we can fit a full sized crib, toddler sized bed, glider rocker, changing table and a small nightstand to hold a lamp.

Then there is the "middle room". This is the room you step into when you enter our house, and is between the living room and kitchen (hence the name). We're not quite sure what this room is supposed to be used as. Herein lies the problem. It has never had a specific purpose. As a result of that it has become the place we keep the random things, and over time has become quite messy neglected.

I have had quite the itch lately to be crafty. I'd love to get back into making my flowers, have many sewing projects I would like to try, and would love to finish WILL'S baby scrapbook, not to mention get one started for Sam! I was day dreaming the other day about having our own house where I could have my own sewing/craft space/room. Somewhere to keep my sewing machine out at all times, instead of having to store it away after every use (and not have to use it on the floor!), and have all my supplies organized in one area. But then I was like, Ah ha! In the middle room we have a desk. That desk is meant to be our office area. It holds some books, stores the tacks, tape, and glue, and mostly collects piles of mail, magazines, and other random papers. But we really have no need for an in home office. Dean keeps all his business items at his shop, and we have a filing cabinet that can easily hold a few more supplies. So, I decided to make this nice little space my space. I am so excited about it! I also want to make a space for Will. His Grandma Eaton got him a nice little table and chair set for him to do his "school work" at, but we have yet to find a spot for it.

So, I have decided I am going to give purpose to this odd little room. Here are the before pictures and my re-arrangement/decorating ideas:

That picture has got to go, and I want to get those shoes off the floor! I would also like to find a coat rack eventually. As you will see in another picture, we need one.

The bookshelf will probably stay although I am thinking I might like to paint it. My plan was to store the boys wagon in the basement until Spring, but it never quite made it there. Now, with Spring right around the corner, I figure we might as well not bother. I can't wait to use it for walks to the park!

First things first: Take down Christmas decorations! Gee whiz, Stacey. This really is a pretty window seat, although it doesn't have much of a view. I would love to make some pretty throw pillows for it, and have thought about re-upholstering the cushions. It would be a nice spot to sit and read in the afternoon sun. If I ever had time to just sit and read. It has storage underneath which comes in handy (this is where my sewing machine is kept along with some other crafty items.) The rocking horse is great fun, but just takes up to much room. It will have to go out to the garage to be used when the nice weather is here.

And here is the "office". I will probably take the top part off the desk, and would like to eventually paint the bottom part. I will keep my sewing machine here, and probably get some storage that fits underneath it. Maybe even paint the walls of this nook area? It all depends on how much money I am able to set aside for it. All the junk that has been collected needs to go.  

So those are my ideas. I plan on gradually getting it done throughout the Spring. Especially if I decided to paint things I will need to wait for nicer, warmer weather. I am very excited about it all. Hopefully I will have to gumption to actually complete it!