Sunday, May 7, 2017

Henry Francis :: Nine

Henry is 9 months old! He is perfecting the art of sitting, starting to make moves by pivoting around in circles, and has this screech that is soooo endearing.

He had his 9 month check up a couple of weeks ago, and weighing in at 16lbs 6oz he is finally on the growth chart; 4% baby! That might not sound very impressive, but with all the struggles we've dealt with we are, as Charlie would say, super duper excited about this.

He still isn't eating much solid foods, since he keeps getting a bad rash when he does. I've yet to take the time to do a process of elimination to see what food exactly is causing it, but for now he is content with supplementing with formula and breastfeeding.

Here is Henry at 9 months old!

Sam at 9 months old
Charlie at 9 months old

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Henry Francis :: Eight

Henry is 8 months old! He's still a little sweetie pie, and gets cuter every day! He's getting closer to being able to sit on his own, and will pivot around in circles on his tummy. He just had his first two teeth pop up, and you'd never even known he was teething. He is sleeping pretty well. He usually gets up only once during the night, but last week he slept 12 hours straight through the night for the first time!

My DSLR camera is still broken, so I had to resort to cell phone pictures this time. But, alas, here is Henry, albeit a bit blurry, at 8 months old!

Sam at 8 months
Charlie at 8 months

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Henry Francis :: Seven

Henry is 7 months old! He is such a happy baby! He moved out of mommy and daddy's room a few weeks ago, and he has been doing so great!

He's just starting to eat a little bit of solid foods. He's not a huge fan, but we keep trying a little bit here and there. I normally wouldn't push food on him, but since he's still so underweight I'd like him to get as many calories as he can. He's so close to rolling from his back to tummy, and loves playing with anything paper or plastic.

Here he is at 7 months. I didn't get many pictures this time. In the middle of our little photo shoot my dslr camera decided to stop working. Womp. Womp. But here are a few of my smiley boy.

Sam at 7 months
Charlie at 7 months

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Henry Francis :: Six

I can not believe that Henry is already 6 months old! He's still a tiny little thing, but is happy and healthy! He is by far my most smiley baby yet. You are pretty much always guaranteed to get a smile out of him; it's the best!

Sleeping has been going pretty well. I can't almost always count on him taking at least a good, morning nap. A second nap and nighttime are still a crap shoot. But we will be putting him in his own room VERY SOON, so I'm hoping it will help us all get better sleep.

He still hates tummy time, but has been putting up with it more. He can roll from tummy to back, and is getting closer to rolling from back to tummy. He is not even close to sitting on his own. Ha! Oh well! Every baby has their own pace. He goes to the doctors next week, so we'll see where he's at with growth.

Here is Henry at 6 months! I can't stand his cuteness!

Sam at 6 months
Charlie at 6 months

Friday, December 23, 2016

Henry Francis :: Five

This is going to be short and sweet since this cute little stinker is currently screaming in my lap. Henry turned 5 months old on the 18th! He is grabbing everything, plays with his toes, still hates tummy time, and has the BEST smile.

Here is Henry at 5 months!

Sam at 5 months old
Charlie at 5 months old

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sam turns six!

My sweet Sam is six years old today!

Here is his About Myself survey for year six!

My best friends name is: Mo

My favorite thing to play: Legos

My favorite color: Yellow

My favorite animal: Stegosaurus

My favorite book: Mad Dog

My favorite song: Uptown Funk

My favorite food: Noodles and sauce

My yuckiest food: Brussel sprouts

When I grow up I want to be: A worker

Something I really like: Playing (games) on your phone

Something I really don't like: Putting the dishes away

My favorite thing about myself: Having bones in me (What??? Haha!)

What makes you happy: When you (mom) kisses me.

Something I want to do this year when I'm 6: Play flag football

We love you Sam! Happy Birthday!