Monday, March 9, 2015

So I don't forget (because I totally will)

Charlie is 20 months old right now. This age has always been my favorite. Although Charlie has brought along some new challenges I'm not used to dealing with at this young of an age (read; ATTITUDE), it is mostly overshadowed by his intense cuteness. 

I always think I will remember the cute things my kids do or say. But give it a few months or sometimes just days, and the memory is already gone. I am so bad about just writing things down too, so this is my meager attempt to rectify that.

Charlie and I have our little bedtime routine. Somewhere around 8pm it begins. I toss his blanky over my shoulder, and say, "Chaaaarlie, do you want to go eat eat (our special name for nursing)?" He usually responds with a "No" and runs away from me. I scoop him right up, and he quickly succumbs without a fight. He then points to Will, Sam and daddy and gives them all their kisses and hugs. He waves and says, "Bye!" as we head up the stairs. We turn on his sound machine, and settle into our chair. With his blanky draped over him he begins to nurse. His free hand is constantly trying to grab at "me" (Mamas, you know what I mean!) We sit and rock for just a bit. Then, still nursing, I stand up and begin to pray over him. "In Jesus name...." and his head pops up to chime in..."Aaaamen". Then he points to his dresser (No idea why!) and then points to his bed. I sit him down in his crib, and lay out his most special blanky. He plops right down on his back, and I cover him with blankets. I bend down to give him a hug and kisses. I stroke his cheek and I tell him goodnight, and that I love him sooo much. As I begin to pull away from him he waves (WAVES) and says, "Bye!" We blow kisses as I walk away. Sometimes I can still hear him blowing them as I shut the door behind me. He talks to himself for just a bit, and then swiftly falls asleep.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sam is Four!

My sweet Sam turned four yesterday! He is so much fun to be around. I love hanging out with him or just watching him play by himself. He loves playing with dinosaurs, all the super heroes, cars & blocks. He loves soccer, baseball & riding bikes. He likes to color and play with play dough. He LOVES being cozy and cuddling on the couch. He is great at giving kisses and hugs and randomly saying, "I love you mom."

He never likes to go to bed. He's the kid who will get out of bed at 10pm at night to come tell you that you forgot to blow him a kiss or that he can't sleep and he wants you to "tuddle" with him. The little stinker is just so gosh darn cute it is sooo hard to say no to him!

He is definitely a middle child, poor guy. I didn't have any special breakfast planned for his Birthday and here I am writing this a day after. Not to mention I have 6 pictures of him for his 4 year photo shoot, and Will has like, 30 for his 6 year. Oops.

Here is Sam's Birthday Survey!

My best friends name is: Mom

My favorite thing to play: Dinosaurs

My favorite color: Blue

My favorite animal: Elephants (Didn't see that one coming!)

My favorite book: School 

My favorite song: Overcomer, by Mandisa

My favorite food: Lunch and pears

My yuckiest food: Cucumbers

When I grow up I want to be: Will

Something I really like: Mom

Something I really don't like: I don't know.

My favorite thing about myself: I'm good at school

What makes you happy: Mom

Something I want to do this year when I'm 4: Have my cake

We DID have a fun day though. Daddy took the whole day off, and we played with Sam's new toys, went to the Museum of Play, and had a movie night together!

Our first time checking out the Butterfly Conservatory! The boys were none to impressed. Sam didn't like the butterflies flying in his face, and Will was getting too hot. 

 Jet Pack Joyride with daddy!

 And we ended our day with a ride on the carousal!

We love you so much Sam! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Growing up in my family we went and got a freshly cut Christmas tree every year. No exceptions. Twice my mom was 9 months pregnant, but she was still out there searching for the perfect tree (which, if you didn't already know, is as elusive as big foot). We have many home videos of us kids trudging along in the mud or snow all bundled up and goofing off in front of the camera (or as we got older hiding from the camera!) We almost always went to the same Christmas tree farm. One with acres of trees in different shades of greens and blues. They have a nativity scene and some live animals you can pet and feed. It was always an event that we all looked forward to every Christmas season, and I would love to create the same fun memories for my children.

We've gone to a few different tree farms these past 8 years of being married, but the past couple we've ended up at the same one I grew up going to. I have a feeling we'll stick with it for awhile. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Fall Tradition V.3

This is the 3rd year that we've been able to get all of us sisters together at a little local farm market for sister pictures! I wasn't sure if it would work out this year between everyone's busy schedule, but everything worked out perfectly. We were even blessed with a beautiful, warm, Fall day.

I think it's officially official that I. Can't. Jump. I have one pose, and I'm always late. Or slow. I don't even know. In other news. She jumped! Jenny jumped!

Sister pictures 2013 and 2012!

P.S. Thanks for taking the pictures, Anna!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall 2014 Family Pictures

1,145. That is how many pictures we took at our latest family photo session. Sounds like overkill right? Well, anyone who has tried getting a non blurry, posed picture of a kid....let alone 3....let alone 3 wild, crazy, never stop moving boys, knows that you can never take enough pictures in order to get a handful of good ones. 

We planned it very last minute. I woke up that Sunday morning realizing that we were going to be busy every weekend day for the rest of October, and the chance of getting Sunday in November with decent enough weather was not very likely. Thankfully my sister and brother in law were free to meet us at the park that afternoon. It was a bit chilly and breezy, but it wasn't raining and the sun did start peeking through part way through to warm things up a bit. I was trying to rush through it as quick as we could since I knew none of the boys wanted to be there, but Dean's idea of stopping every 5 minutes to let the boys run around was a much better idea.

We really did get some good shots. Poor Charlie though, he is always washed out in our pictures. He is so fair that he reflects the sun so much!

See our family pictures from last year right here!