Monday, June 23, 2014

Photo shoot :: Charlie is one!

My sweet Charlie boy turned 1 this past Saturday! It was another beautiful summer solstice, just like the day he was born (which you can read about here!)

Charlie has been such a sweet baby, although this past month he has definitely started to show some opinions of his own! I know I have said this before, but I will say it again. He is SUCH a mama's boys. Almost every time I have left him with someone else for more than 10 minutes, he is just a miserable little thing. Then as soon as he is in my arms it all sweetness and smiles, the little stinker.

He sleeps great at night, typically from 8pm - 6am (occasionally waking up once to nurse), and will sometimes fall back asleep in my bed for a little bit more. His naps are so all over the place though. I totally think it's the case of the 3rd child syndrome. With the first two boys I was able stick to a pretty good schedule, and always be home for nap time. But now that those two are older, life is busier, and being home for two naps a day just doesn't happen often enough to get him in a good day sleeping routine. That or he's just got the Dana stubbornness.

He has been my pickiest eater at this young of an age. He had a good month long streak of eating almost only avocado's. He is getting better though. Some favorite foods these days are: Blueberries, scrambled eggs, chicken, egg + banana "pancakes", cheese and raisins. He doesn't like strawberries. STRAWBERRIES!

He has said da da, ma ma, and ba ba. He claps his hands and waves (when he feels like it). Any chance he gets he tries to climb the stairs. He loves to get in on the wrestling matches with daddy and his big brothers. He has the best smile. He loves to be outside and always gets dirty, so thankfully he gets pretty excited about bath time. I thought he hated the swing, but really he just didn't like the way I was putting him in it (leaning forward). He still loves to nurse, and I plan on keeping it that way for awhile. He loves to play with his blocks, climb on the dishwasher, and empty my kitchen cupboards. He is not a cuddler. Even when he nurses he will try to stand up. He will pull himself up to stand on anything, and will walk with assistants.

If you tell Sam he is cute, he responds with, "No. I not tute. Farfay tute!" And we all agree. He is just so darn cute! We all love him to pieces, and he brings smiles to our faces everyday. Love you Charlie!

I am so happy with how these pictures turned out! It is very hard to keep him still these days, so to get some non blurry pictures is always a challenge. Warning: Charlie picture overload (if there even is such a thing.)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Charlie George :: 12 months old

See all 12 months of Charlie HERE!
Sam at 12 months!
Will at 12 months!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Parenting milestones

This past month I had a double whammy of parenting milestones that happened in the blink of an eye it seemed!

I have been asked many times from mama's with even younger kids than I have if I have any advise to give when it comes to the infamous child milestone of POTTY TRAINING. I am quick to say, "Oh, I am the last person to ask that!" Yes, I have successfully potty trained two boys so far in my life. Both of whom were well over 3 years old when it FINALLY happened. Something I do not recommend if you can help it! With my first, I tried over and over again, but the kid just refused to sit on a potty. No amount of candy bribery made a difference. Then, one summer while diaperless in a pool it just happened.

With my second, my potty training method consisted of this:

"Hey Sam, do you want to go pee on the potty?"


"Why not?"

"Betush" (which means 'because' for those who don't speak 3 year old)

The end.

Then, for over a month, every time I put him to bed he wanted to read his potty book. Within a couple of weeks he had the thing memorized. The end of the books asks, "Do you want to be a big boy like me?" To which he replied, "Nope!" Then I just had it with the manchild sized dirty diapers. So, off came the diaper! I made him sit on his "yittle potty" every so often. He was cold, so I gave him a blanket, and he wanted to watch T.V. every time. Fine by me. And within a few days...Bam! He still wears a diaper when he sleeps, but other than that he's doing great!

We gave Will a "new" bike last October for his 5th birthday. One that wasn't allowed to have training wheels on it. We had limited nice days to play outside then. Whenever we did get out he would sit on his new bike a little, but was never quite sure enough about attempting to ride. The Winter came...and came...and came....and finally went! One of the first nice days we had back in April we were more than anxious to get out and play! With no prompting from me, he pulled out the big bike. He climbed right on and would push himself across the driveway, with his feet still on the ground. The next day, he started off the same way. Pushing himself along on his tip toes. Feeling the way he balanced. And then his feet went up! Pushing the peddles just a couple of times before he'd start to swerve and tip over. But he kept at it. Crash after crash. He kept getting back on that bike. And can I tell you, it was amazing to watch. My mama's heart was so proud of him. Within 30 minutes he was riding like a pro!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Homeschooling :: 7 months In

We are 7 months into our homeschooling journey, and things are going great! Will is a little smartypants which has helped make this transition of becoming a teacher and a student much smoother than I had expected. Don't get me wrong. We still have our challenges (i.e. getting a 5 year old boy to sit still and concentrate and a mom who continually fails to have enough patience), but I am so thrilled with the progress we have had. 

Will finished his Kindergarten math book back in January. We went right into 1st grade math, and he has continued to fly through that too. No surprise, if you ask him what his favorite subject is, it's this.

He also completed his Kindergarten Letters and Sounds book last month. I would consider him a reader now and hearing him read is so much fun! Learning this crazy language with all it's silly "rule breakers" hasn't seemed to faze him at all.

I wanted to bring up this picture that I posted on Instagram last Fall, a few weeks into our school, year with this caption:

"One thing I want to be sure I pay attention to in our homeschooling journey is how each individual child learns best. There is a time and place for being proper, but if he wants to sit on the table (in his outfit of choice these days) to do his work then by all means I'll let him."

My husband saw this, and didn't fully understand what I was trying to say. There is for sure a time and place for structure and discipline in schooling our children. There are moments when Will standing on a chair or sitting on the table is just him goofing around and it becomes a distraction. But if, like in the picture, he is concentrating and completing his school work, while siting on the table, than great!

We continue to take things one day at a time. Some weeks are more productive than others. With some nicer weather coming our way I am excited to spend less time sitting at the table pencil in hand, and more time in the backyard digging in the dirt and reading books in the grass.