Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ahh, Christmas...

 I think I love it even more the older I get. Don't get me wrong. We had great Christmas' growing up. My mom did a great job making it fun; baking the Christmas cookies, the house was filled with Christmas carols (even if they did start in September), decorating the tree, and driving around with dad looking at houses covered in lights. But the older I get I find that the focus less is on myself, and more on blessing others. As a child you go (or at least I did) into Christmas with one thought; what will I be getting? Which only led to disappointment. Not that the gifts weren't plentiful; they were. But there was always that person you thought got more then you or were given a gift you didn't quite love. Then when the day was too quickly over you are left with....emptiness. All that selfish anticipation left me with nothing. My focus was on myself. Not on blessing others, and certainly not on baby Jesus.

After seeing this video it really made me want to strive even harder to instill a grateful and giving heart into my children. It's a hard thing to do! I want Christmas to be fun for my children, and I find myself wanting to get Will excited about Christmas by telling him about getting presents. I try instead to get him excited about getting to see his uncles and aunties and Grandma and Papa, and being able to give presents to them! I, of course, talk about celebrating the birth of Jesus, but I think it still confuses him.

Anyways, it's Christmas Eve. The gifts are wrapped. There is some snow on the ground. Christmas tunes are playing. I am attempting to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas brunch with my family, but I'm not to sure how successful they will be. I made two separate batches to give myself that much more of a chance of it working. The second batch is looking more promising, but I'm not convinced yet. I seriously need a 101 on baking with yeast. I swear I followed the recipe exactly, but it just doesn't seem to rise as much as it should.  It's a good thing my mom knows me, and has some back up pastries on hand.

Our church had a lovely Christmas Candlelight service the other night, and here is a typical family picture we had taken there...

Christmas morning we will have a little family time around the Christmas tree before heading over to my family's for a big brunch and exchanging gifts. The rest of the day will be spent at my Aunt and Uncles playing games, enjoying yummy food, and hopfully not getting into any fights during white elephant with my mom's side of the family. The following day will be spent at my brother and sis in laws house doing the same thing with my dad's side of the fam.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend, and a Merry Christmas too!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Sam!

Sam is 1 YEARS OLD! Can you believe it?!?! In this post we are wrapping up our 12 months of Sam pictures. Every month it has continually gotten harder and harder to get a picture of him. I think the pictures I got of him for his 12 month old picture perfectly sums it up. Here were my 3 best options for his last one:

Option 1: He would not stay still. He kept lifting up his butt or rolling over. Notice the blurry legs.

 Option 2: I finally got tired of him moving, so I gave him a bottle. Yes, he still takes a bottle. Just don't tell his pediatrician, and everyone will be happy.

Option 3: I took the bottle away.

So, those are it. I was leaning more towards the last one. I think it ties in pretty well with some of his previous pictures. Like this one or this one.

Sam had his 1 year check up last week. He weighs in at a wopping 17lbs 10oz and is 29 inches tall. We also found out that he is anemic. It's always hard to hear something is wrong with your child. You automatically blame yourself. Which I did. So, for now he is on a iron rich diet. We will go back to the doctors in 1 month and hopefully all will be well.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this little guy. He is still very much a mama's boy, but will jet right to the door when he hears daddy walk in the door and greet him with the biggest smile.

Still no teeth, but the doctor said his 2 bottom ones are right there, ready to pop through at anytime! So maybe by Christmas...

This kid is all over the place and getting into everything. He cries every time I lay him down to get changed. Just like his brother did.

I just love this picture. His cute little profile and short little body. Makes me wanna squeeze him and never let go.

Look at that face!

 Happy 1st Birthday Samuel. I love you like crazy!