Monday, September 26, 2011

Kentucky Road Trip

This past weekend Will, Sam and I went on a road trip with my mom and sisters to Kentucky to see my dad graduate from a men's ministry he has been at. We had such a good time! The boys did really great on the ride up and back. Especially considering it took close to 10 hours! We drove down Wednesday, spent the whole day there on Thursday and drove back all day Friday.

God really blessed us with the most beautiful day on Thursday. We spent the morning having my dad show us around the "ranch" that he had been staying at. We took a hike through the woods and walked the rolling hills. 

Will woke up Thursday with a sore neck from sleeping on it wrong. It was the saddest thing ever seeing him walk around with his hand on his neck. Poor guy.

Sam was so tired he fell asleep while being jostled along the paths.

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Hanging out on the balcony porch after dinner and being goofy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Little Corner: A before and after.

Way back in March I posted about making use of a room whose only purpose at the time was collecting junk. Slowly, but surely, I have taken the room back! I still have a few finishing touches to make to complete the room, but here is a little peak!

We never used this space as an actual office. The desk was there because it fit. And there it sat. Getting covered with junk. I wanted to create a useful space for me to be crafty, and have my sewing machine easily accessible at all times. So, here is the before picture:

Yeah, I know. Gross. But trust me, it gets better! Here it is now:

Much better, right? I took off the top part of the desk, to give me more tabletop space to work with.

The lamp is the same. I just spray painted the black base and added some super cute white ruffles! I am in love with it! I plan to do the same thing with our nightstand lamps in our bedroom. It was easy enough to do, just a bit time consuming to make the ruffles. (And yes, that is sharpie all over the desk. Will can be thanked for that!)

I love, love, l o v e how the picture collage came out. This took the longest to finish. I had to collect enough frames, spray paint them all, figure out the layout and then hang them on the wall using a ruler and pencil markings. It's definitely not perfect if you look close, but it turned out better than I thought it would! I think next time I do this, I will invest in a level.

It's been great having my sewing machine set up at all times. Instead of having little sewing projects pile up, I can just quickly sit down and hem some pants or take in a sweater. It's great!

I still have a couple things that need to be done to complete this space; A cork board on the right wall, find a new home for the computer, and get a picture for the frame on the shelf. But overall it is 10 times better than it was!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Another month, same story...

It is getting harder and harder to take these pictures every month!  Mommy doing peek-a-boo no longer throws him into fits of giggles. He is really getting around now too, and he does not want to stay still! He is not officially crawling yet, but can get anywhere he wants to by army crawling.

He is still a tiny little guy weighing at 15lbs 3 oz and 27 1/4 inches long. A whopping 8 lbs less then his brother was at this age. Granted, Will was (and still is!) enormous. Contrary to his appearance, we don't starve him. He loves to eat! His newest foods this month have been yellow zucchini, kale & spinach!

His faces kill me!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Will Can Read!

Will is still only 2 years away from starting Kindergarten; Yikes! I want to start getting into a "school" routine now though. He is such a smarty, and I really want to take advantage of it.

Kids are capable of learning so much more than we know at a young age. We just don't think to teach them to read at 2/3 years old. I mean, that's what Kindergarten is for, right? Wrong! I have been working on teaching Will to read some simple words by teaching him the sounds of the letters, and using big, bold letters. We go over them a few times a day. Usually at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We don't dwell to long on one word. If he's having trouble I will help him out, and never let him get frustrated. So far he loves reading his words, and is doing really well!