Friday, February 11, 2011


I have been wanting to post for days now, and just haven't had the time. But, the dishwasher is loaded and running, the house is....not that messy, and both boys are sleeping (which could change at any second), so I will try to get something written down while I have the chance.

Will, Dean and I all got the flu. Will got it first, and I could tell my body was trying to fight it off. I was trying the best I could to stay well, but after one night of no sleep from being up all night with sick Will and a hungry baby I was down for the count. It's so tough being a sick mom, especially when your child is sick as well! Dean was a great help though, getting up with Will when his coughing woke him up countless times a night. I knew it was only a matter of time before Dean got it too. Which he did. I thank the Lord we at least weren't sick at the same time! Sam seems to have escaped it, having only gotten a little bit of a cough and runny nose.

Will is FINALLY starting to talk more, and it is so much fun! He is quite a smart little boy too. His Grandma Eaton loves doing "school work" with him. Puzzles, picture matching, shape boxes and learning his numbers. She is very impressed with him! I finally brought up his potty seat from the basement, with the intent of working on potty training. So far, he hasn't used it for anything other then as a toy to push around the house.

Sam had his 2 month check up yesterday, and is looking great! He is in the 60% for both height (23 inches or so) and weight (12lbs). The doctor was amazed at what a strong core he has too! He has become very smiley and talkative this past week, and is a joy to be around.

 Samuel @ 2 months

My apologies that this post as turned out to be quite boring (aside from the cute picture of Sam). I find that, every now and then, this blog is a great way to keep track of simple family moments that otherwise would be forgotten.