Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pregnancy Diary 3 || One Week Old

Henry was 1 week old 3 days ago, so I'm a little late in finally posting this!

It has been a very relaxing 1.5 weeks since he was born. I am so blessed to have such a great support system. Between an awesome husband holding down the fort, on top of still working, amazing friends blessing us with meals, and grandmas and papas willing to watch the 3 big boys I have been able to just stay in bed all day with Henry. I have always tried to do too much too soon after having a baby, and my body always pays for it. I'm sure all you mom's out there can relate to that! So, this 4th time around I was determined to make myself take it easy. I am feeling pretty well so far. My insides still ache and sleep doesn't come easy, but I am feeling great mentally. I just keep reminding myself that we've done this 3 times before, and we made it through. My body will heal. The sleep will come. My milk supply will be sufficient. Normal life will resume. But for now, we are doing lots of this...

Henry is doing great as well! Healthy as can be. Nursing all the time, as he should, and loves sleeping on mommy. Pretty much just all the newborn things. 

And to finish up this pregnancy diary, here is one last belly shot!

I can't wait share Henry's birth story with you all too! But for now, here is a sneak peak at Henry's newborn pictures:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pregnancy Diary 3 || Thirty Nine Weeks

I was 39 weeks yesterday, and I am feeling just great! Keeping busy, staying active and just waiting on baby to come. I always have mixed feelings about the end of a pregnancy.  I think since I am sick the first half of my pregnancy the amount of time I have to really enjoy it is just so short, and I'm just not fully ready for it to be over already. That being said I am beyond excited to meet this new little one, and he can come anytime he'd like!

Birth supplies are all organized and ready to go, and for the first time ever I actually have a pretty much completed nursery that I am so happy with! My mom and Dean were awesome to help paint it not once, but three times, because of a stupid mistake on my part. I have curtains hung up for the first time since we moved in 3.5 years ago, and pictures on the wall. Some day I may even take pictures and post them here!

Baby's head is nice and low, and he loves being on my right side!

This very well could be the last Pregnancy Diary 3 post I make! Will was 4 days late, Sam was 3 days late, and Charlie was 3 days early. So, if I follow my pattern baby will be born this Monday at 4 days early!

Here is the belly at 39 weeks!

(Can you see that ab separation in this one?)

39 weeks pregnant with Sam.
39 weeks pregnant with Charlie.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Maternity Photo Shoot || 34 weeks || Megan Rei Photography

I am so excited to share some of the pictures from my maternity shoot a few weeks back. It was a beautiful evening at Highland Park, the boys behaved pretty well, and I LOVE the shots we got.

I was so happy that it worked out for my cousin, Megan, to be in town at the perfect time to take some maternity pictures! For being a newby in this business she does beautiful work. She is living in VA right now, but occasionally comes back home and tries to fit in photo shoots. Click here to check her out! It was much more relaxing having someone who really knew what they were doing taking the pictures, instead of handing my camera to my sister and say do your best! 

Here are a bunch of my favorites!

Photo Cred. Megan Rei Photography