Saturday, June 30, 2012

The day we went to the beach

Wednesday's are Deans sort of half days...more like 3/4 work days, so we like to try and make it a dosomethingfunwiththefamily day. Which, hasn't happened very often yet. Something else usually comes up. But this week we were finally able to have some family time at the beach! I think this is the first time we have all been there together.
I wasn't sure how the boys would do. I knew Sam would only be happy if he was eating something the whole time (which is exactly what happened), but you just never know with Will. He isn't a big fan of water, and he was skipping his nap to go. That usually results in some...moodiness. But, surprisingly, he had a great time! Here are some pictures of our day at the beach! Ok, more like here are way to many pictures of our day at the beach...

Building sandcastles and finding treasures in the sand!

 Catching water in his bucket, and getting knocked over by the waves!

 Will would throw the tube into the water, let the wind catch it and then chase it down the beach!

Wispy hair.

gif maker
 I was trying to get a smile out of Sam by holding a blueberry in my teeth, when he just dove right in and ate it out off my mouth!

Trying to sneak up on the birds.

 Playing in eating the sand.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's about darn time!

See this?

This is a picture of a BIG BOY who went POOP on the POTTY for the first time EVER!!!! Without ANY prompting from me!

Can you tell I'm excited???

About 1 1/2 weeks ago it was pretty hot out, so we spent a lot of time outside by the pool. Will was in swim trunks and no diaper, and all on his own annouced he had to go pee. So I told him to pull down his shorts and pee in the grass. The first couple times he tried to no avail. Then about the 3rd time trying, I wasn't watching, but he claims that he peed. I wasn't sure to believe him or not, but later when we were cleaning up toys in the yard he wouldn't go pick up a certain toy because he said there was pee in that spot!

This whole week, I took the diaper off when he woke up, and anytime he had to pee he'd run outside, drop his pants and pee! He's taken naps all week with no diaper and wakes up dry. But he still didn't want to go on the potty. A couple of times he had a poopy diaper first thing in the morning, and one day he just didn't go. But then yesterday, he comes running to me, holding his butt and says, with this worried and anxious look on his face (it was pretty hilarious), "I have to go poop!" So we quickly got on the potty, I shut the door and 10 seconds later....he'd gone! He was so proud of himself, and couldn't wait to tell daddy when he got home!

So there we have it. All on his own. Will is well on his way to being officially potty trained. Today, for the first time almost ever, I didn't buy ANY diapers when I went grocery shopping. It. Was. Awesome.

P.S. I really wish it was acceptable to post videos of him peeing outside. He is so cute and it is so stinkin funny, you guys.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Will usually isn't a fan of posing for a picture. He usually tries to stay as far away as he can from crazy camera mommy. But for some reason he thinks it's the greatest thing when I put the camera on timer- continuous shot. Between seeing mommy run over all silly and hearing the camera click all by itself he is quite amused.

Here he is testing out the camera shot for me.

I told him to move over just a little bit, so there would be room for me on the blanket.

 He took me very seriously. He went on to move over a good 5 ft. I know you think I'm pretty big, Will, but come on now.

 Take 1: Finally got him positioned right on the blanket, and mommy messed up the camera.

Take 2: Sam gets in the way!

Take 3: Perfect!

Only 3 tries? Not bad!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Seabreeze Surprise

Back in about March Will started asking about going to Seabreeze, our local amusement park. I have no idea how it got into his head in the first place, since commercials for it weren't running yet and he hadn't seen pictures from our time there last year in quite some time, but it did. And it stayed. For 3 months he literally asked if Seabreeze was open yet Everyday. Usually a few times a day. To which I replied over and over again, "No, Will. Seabreeze is not open yet." So our annual group day at Seabreeze couldn't come soon enough! I figured if he was already bugging me this much about going thinking it was still closed, how much more will he ask if I tell him we are going "soon.". So, I didn't tell him. Not a couple days before, not even the morning of. I decided we would just show up at Seabreeze and then...I would tell him. I told him we were going somewhere, but that it was a surprise. He thought it was going to be a store. We get there and park, and he still doesn't know where we are. So, I got my camera out and got his reaction on tape. It's pretty darn cute!

We had a lot of fun! It was a super hot day in the 90's, but I'd take that over the downpours we've had the past 2 years.  We spent most of our time watching Will go on the car ride.

Sam got in a few rides too!

Unfortunately for this one hot and sweaty mama, neither Will or Sam wanted anything to do with the water. When I finally dragged them down to the kiddie pool, Will spent his time like this...

Pouting in the stroller, because he wanted to go back to the cars.

And Sam...

Zonked out in Grandma's arms.

 Cousin Ben, on the other hand...

LOVES the water!

Will did try out the other kiddie rides too...

 All about the thumbs up these days.

Will wanted to go on a big kid ride. I told him he wasn't big enough for it, but he was adamant that he was a big boy and he could. He told me to take his (this) picture, then had me look at it and said, "See? I am a big boy!" Nice try Will.

 Sam spent most his time watching Will and pointing whenever he saw him.

 Another Seabreeze come and gone. This is going to be one long year if Will starts asking everyday about going to Seabreeze again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Anniversary Vacation

Dean and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary this past Sunday, the 17th. We were able to plan a little getaway and had the best time! We wanted to go somewhere we could drive to without being in the car for ten hours, so we decided to re-visit the place we went to for our 1 year anniversary. It is an all-inclusive resort in Poconos, PA called Cove Haven. It is one of those cheesy sounding places with the heart shaped everything, but it is so much fun! At least for us it was. It is very activity oriented which is right up our ally.

We got there Thursday afternoon, and while checking in we were told we could have a complementary upgrade to our choice of 2 different better suites; Score! We had originally booked their cheapest room. Then he told us we could also have their most expensive suite instead for a total of $60 more (both nights and taxes and fees included in that price, no strings attached. It was at least a savings of $300!). I told Dean the descision was his, and of course he quickly accepted. Our own pool? Champagne glass jacuzzi? Heck yeah!

Here are a few (bad quality) pictures of our room!

Yes, a round bed, and "stars" on the ceiling ;-)

View from our bed; Our own heated pool! It was great having our own pool, especially since their outdoor pools were still a bit chilly. (There was also a sauna and massage table down there too!)

Champagne jacuzzi tub and living room area that also had a fireplace.

They have so many activities you can do from indoor mini golf, ice skating, tennis and racketball, there is a driving range, paddle boating on Lake Wallenpaupack or just relaxing by the heart shaped pool.

Now, if you know Dean at all you know that everything we do is a competition, with bets on the line everytime. For the most part he beat me at everything; Mini golf, air hockey (I should win something just for playing against him; Scary!), basketball, and pool (although I did beat him once, and gave him a run for his money most games.)

I made this shot. You know. In case you were wondering.

So, it may come as a surprise, especially after seeing my bad form (which I had no idea I was doing, since Dean never corrected me on it. I believe, from fear that I would beat him even more soundly), but I was kicking his butt at archery!

Elbow down = Bad form.

Elbow up, arm in line with arrow = Good form.

In Deans defense though, he did get the hang of it by our last day there and did end up beating me. But in my defense, by then I was so stinkin tired!

I wish you could see the guy taking our picture. He was totally pulling an Asian!

At 4:15pm, 4 days a week, one of the staff members, who they call the Deer Whisperer, calls out the wild deer to come for a feeding. It's pretty crazy! He walks around yelling, "Here Bambi!" and the deer come running out of the woods. He said the most deer he's had come at once was 70+, and has had a 8 point buck come too!

Each night they have some sort of entertainment...bands, comedians, etc. and usually have an audience participation game that was always amusing! It was fun getting to dress up a bit and go out for some dancing and lots of laughs!

Who is to afraid to ask someone to take a picture for them, so instead becomes innovative and props up the camera on a trash can with her make up case holding it up underneath? That's right. This girl.

It was so great to get away, just us two. Everything was perfect. The food was great. There was never a dull moment (although Dean would say that laying by the pool was pretty dull.) We have lots of fun together, and after 6 years are still pretty crazy about each other!