Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sam is 3 months old today! He has been such a perfect baby. He will just happily sit in his bouncy chair, slurping away on his hand or sucking his binky. He sleeps well, although it's almost always either in his swing or with me in bed. I know it will make the transfer into his own room and crib all that more difficult, but it just works so great for now! Poor daddy is still sleeping on the couch :-/ It's not that he isn't welcome in bed with us. In fact, I would love it if he did join us. But he just can't get past the clicking of the swing and the slurping of Sam nursing all night long.

Here's my little 3 month cutie...(he is usually more than ready to give a smile, but of course when mommy wants to take his picture it's a whole other story!)

Ah, I wish I could just SQUEEZE him! Oh wait, I can :-P

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