Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I feel like letting out a big fat sigh. SIGHHHHHH. Ahh, that's better. Life has been SO busy for me the past 3 months. Between working on making over 200 paper snowflakes for our church's Christmas banquet (of which I have NO pictures of. Boo!), making almost every Christmas gift I gave, and then doing the decorations for another church event just this past weekend, I have had no spare time at all. I did love being able to let out some creativity, but all of it put together didn't leave time for much else!

Now that I have time to just sit and breath, I have a few things I want to blog about. Starting with...Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! Lots of time spent with lots of family. We drew names to give gifts between all of us siblings (and their spouses and fiance's.) Dean and I had my sisters, Jenny and Valerie, and I did manage to get a couple shots of some of their gifts I made:

For Val we have a pillow and legwarmers from a thrifted sweater, a crocheted ski band with detachable flower clips, and some pillow cases (which I did not make, but they were the exact match of one she already had. Score!) Then we have yarn bottles with some pretty coffee filter flowers.

And for Jenny we have, yes, another sweater pillow and legwarmers, a "bookpage" candle (although I used a sheet of Beethoven's 5th Symphony instead), and some crocheted earrings and a broomstick lace arm cuff.

I loved how everything turned out, and had to keep myself from just keeping it for myself! Although, I do admit, it all looks better than it sounds. For instance, when Dean wanted to know what he was giving Val for Christmas I told him, "Oh, well there is a pillow from an old sweater and I made the sleeves into legwarmers. Then I wrapped beer bottles with yarn, and...." And then I'd realize how silly it all sounded, and just said, "Don't worry, she'll like it. It looks better than it sounds." Ha!

Here are some pictures that my sister took from Christmas day (thankfully, since I took zero!):

My family Christmas morning. With me, apparently, wearing a sweatpant skirt.

Cute cousins

Do they not look so completely different from one another?

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