Friday, October 8, 2010

Pregnancy Diary: Week 32

Not too much going on over here these days. At an appointment with my midwife this week she asked how I was doing, and I had to stop and really think about it for a second. "Hmm, I'm doing pretty well. I think." Mentally going over the checklist: Achy? No, not right now. Gotta pee? Well, yeah. Hungry? Nope, I'm good. "Yeah. Yeah. I'm doing well." Everything looked great. Belly's growing on right on target. Weight is being gained. Baby's moving. Heart rates were good. Definitely a low risk pregnancy.

The first time being pregnant you are aware of everything!  It's all so new. Scary. Exciting! This time is so different. Time has flown by! It's kind of a going with the flow, been there done that mentality. Not that I am any less excited about this new baby of mine. If anything, I am more excited! Much more relaxed knowing what to expect. Isn't it amazing how you forget about how labor really felt? In the throws of laboring and pushing out Will I was convinced that we would only have one child. But now I am actually looking forward to labor! I look at it like a challenge against myself. Try to do it even better then last time. Maybe not scream as much.....

Slowly, but surely, I am getting my house in order. Really trying to plan ahead, and would like to have all baby/birth related items taken care by then end of this month; leaving November to complete all Christmas related things before baby comes. Google searching "hospital sized sanitary pads" and "waterproof plastic mattress cover" is the extent of excitement around here.  

Thankful to have some sunny weather, so we can take walks and go to the park. Looking forward to getting back to the gym once Will is up and walking. When he was in his cast I got so achy from carrying him around, that the last thing I could do was workout. Don't worry mom. I won't be running marathons or jumping lunges. Just a nice ride on a stationary bike, and some light weight training will do me good.

So here we are at 32 weeks. Ignore my face. I was concentrating.

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