Friday, October 22, 2010

Pregnancy Diary: Week 34

I am just loving these Autumn days! As much fun as Summer was, I am not missing it. I am having a tougher time with the heat this time around, and this cool, crisp weather is perfect! Usually by this time the furnace would be up and running all day. At bedtime the knee socks would be pulled out along with long pants, and a sweatshirt. Occasionally warming up the sheets with a blow dryer before creeping in. But now? The socks are off. Tank top is on, and pants are an option. I sometimes wake up sweating! I don't remember this being the case while pregnant with Will. But, I am notorious for being cold, so I am enjoying this while it last.

I really have no complaints. Getting a bit more achy these days, but nothing I can't handle. The babe is in good position; Head in my bladder, feet in my ribs. I reached my cringe weight this week :-/ It's been nice getting back to the gym after having 6 weeks of nothing while Will was in his cast. I workout at the YMCA where I used to work (and occasionally still do) in their Childwatch. One lady is adamant that I have "dropped" since she saw me last week.

"Oh no, I was just never up to begin with."

"No, you've dropped."

"Ok, if you say so."

The lady janitor (who knows me) is pretty certain I am much smaller then I was with Will.

"You are much smaller then you were with Will."

"Oh no. I've gained just about the same, and am measuring right on track."

"No, you're definitely smaller."

"Ok, if you say so. I mean, you do know best."

Oy. I need to learn to just smile and nod.

My sister and I had a lot of fun doing a little amateur maternity shoot a couple weeks ago. Here are some of my favorites!


  1. awwww!! stacey!! i love all of these pictures!! especially the third one!!!

    love Kristen

  2. Where are the ones where you're modeling christy's car??? Those were awesome. Great pics tho, Stacey, and it's been really wonderful and encouraging to read about this beautiful journey you're going through. Can't wait to meet the little guy!!