Monday, October 4, 2010

Aaaand It's Off! Alternately titled: Aaaand He's Off!

Yay! 5 weeks to the day that he broke his leg, Will's cast was able to come off. It is such a relief to have that whole ordeal over with. Oh, sure he had adjusted just fine. Just went on livin' his (almost!) 2 year old life as if it was no big deal. But it sure was tough on his pregnant mama! It feels so good to hug and squeeze him again!

I wish I was able to get a video of his cast coming off. When I first lay him on the bed, he wasn't very happy. But I was able to stay right there with him, and hold his hands. He cried a bit when they were getting things situated, but as soon as the loud, hand held circular saw started up he was quite intrigued. Whenever they would turn it off for a minute he would clap, say "Yay!"and then sign for more. They cut along his fully casted leg first, and when they finally pried it open along his hip he let out the biggest sigh. It was great!

My family all wanted me to keep part of/all of his cast, but I think they will thank me for NOT doing just that. Will had gradually ripped up the plastic lining on the inside over his belly, which then exposed the layer of cotton, which then absorbed...well, everything. I warned the two men that would be doing the cutting about the smells that might would most definitely be lingering in and around his cast. They were all macho, "Oh, we've smelled it all." They hadn't even opened it up yet when one of the guys backs away, and was like "Whoa". The other man responded that he must not have kids. The whole inside front of his cast was this nice bright yellow. Oh, and there was only one lone crumb down his back.

 The doctor said it could take a few days for him to even try to start walking, and even then he could be walking with a limp for a good 2 to 3 months. We are just letting him go at his own pace, and he'll figure things out on his own. It has been very funny watching him today though. He is still army crawling around, and will lay there on his tummy, legs parted in a perfect V formation, with his one little foot bouncing up and down at the knee. I sat him up to play with toys, and every so often he would just topple over not quite sure how to get back up.

He had lots of fun in his much needed bath! Usually I have to tell him every 10 seconds to sit back down, but he happily just sat there playing with his toys.

This boy needs a haircut!

 One thing I have realize in these past 5 weeks is that he sure isn't like his mama when it comes to change. His life was turned upside down, and he hardly batted an eye. Plus, in the midst of this I was able to stop nursing him, cold turkey AND transition him into his big boy bed. Which he has been sleeping in for both naps and all through the night for a week now. Only, somehow, managing to get out of bed 3 times......without me knowing! Even then he would just fall back asleep on the floor! Ahhh, I love that kid. I sure did miss this, too.....

The end.

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