Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Four and a half

Will is now 4.5 yrs old. Which, if you weren't aware, is a big deal. He asks regularly how many more days it is until he turns 5. He expects lots of cool things to happen when he is 5. One of them being getting a dog. I just laugh and say, "Oh child, do you have no idea who your mother is?" 

We have been working a lot lately on confessing, and not taking all day to do it. We had a rough patch, but we have had good progress.

He was super excited to finally get some his size sunglasses. I am just glad we found some for $2.00 since I am certain they won't last long.

"When I'm 51, I can have a bike with big wheels and no training wheels. Or when I'm 66." 

He loves playing games, and he just learned Crazy 8's. He is a good loser.

We have had lots of conversations lately about God and Jesus and Heaven. It makes my heart happy to have him come into the kitchen when I am working, jump up on the counter and say, "Let's talk about when God (Jesus) died."

He has a real sweet heart. If Sam gets hurt and is upset, he will bring over his own Piggy and blankie for Sam to hold. 

He will start Kindergarten, at home, this Fall, and he is already stumping me with his questions. 

"Mom, what does 'later' mean?" 
"Well, it means....not now. You know...later."


"Mom, what does that sign with the arrow say?" (A left turn only sign)
"It means you can only turn left."
"What does 'only' mean."
"Uh, it means you can't go any other way. You can only go the way the arrow is pointing. You know...only."

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  1. You seriously crack me up, Stace. Love your humor :)