Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 36

We're coming into the home stretch now. 4 weeks and counting. Baby will be here in no time! Birthing supplies are bought, and ity bity baby boy clothes are washed and waiting for their dresser to be painted still. The nursery is still very incomplete. Not that he will need it right away, since he will spend the first few months in mommy and daddy's room, but I would love to have it mostly put together beforehand.

The lovely pelvic aches and pains of pregnancy have finally decided to make an appearance. Lot's of gruntin', groanin' and waddlin' going on over here. Baby's head is definitely down, and ready for launching day. I am so thankful I am not going to be super pregnant all throughout summer. I am packin' so much extra heat it's crazy. On nights where I would typically still be wearing socks up to my knees, sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt to bed with a blow dryer to warm up the sheets, I am now sleeping with no pants, the sheet barely on me and a fan in the window blowing 40 something degree air right on me. I was such a hot mess, minus the hot, on the days where it's been in the 80's.

Everything looked good at my last midwife appointment. No swelling. Measuring a little small, but I always do. Weight gain is a little under what I was for both Will and Sam at this point, although goodness does my belly seem bigger this time around. Next week will be the dreaded GBS test, and then one last look at my blood to make sure everything's all in good order.

I am totally running out of clothes that fit me/cover my belly, but I am so close to the end, that it seems silly to buy anything more. I pulled out all of my normal, summery, empire waisted style dresses I thought would still fit me....I was wrong. So wrong. I am feeling a bit under the weather today with a lovely sore throat, cough and nose all stuffy, so today is being spent at home in my sweats and trying to take it easy. Here is the belly at 36 weeks! Here I am at 36 weeks with Sam.

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