Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mee Mee and Kate

Will and Sam are pretty in love with my two youngest sisters, who are 12 and 14. Pretty much every day Sam asks to go to Kate's house (and get's all mopey when we don't), and Will is always saying he loves "Mee Mee" (Camryn) and Kate 25...or 118, depending on his mood. I can't say enough how wonderful it is having them so involved in my boys life. Their relationship is more than just Aunt and nephews. They truly are friends.

Their Birthdays are a month apart, and we always like to try and do something fun with the both of them. This year we went to the Strong Museum of Play, and we had lots of fun!

Mommy and Daddy had to have some fun too!

After all of our playing we had some burgers and fries at Bill Grays!

And, of course, we had to hit up the carousel before leaving.

Happy Birthday Mee Mee and Kate! We love ya!

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