Friday, June 22, 2012

A Seabreeze Surprise

Back in about March Will started asking about going to Seabreeze, our local amusement park. I have no idea how it got into his head in the first place, since commercials for it weren't running yet and he hadn't seen pictures from our time there last year in quite some time, but it did. And it stayed. For 3 months he literally asked if Seabreeze was open yet Everyday. Usually a few times a day. To which I replied over and over again, "No, Will. Seabreeze is not open yet." So our annual group day at Seabreeze couldn't come soon enough! I figured if he was already bugging me this much about going thinking it was still closed, how much more will he ask if I tell him we are going "soon.". So, I didn't tell him. Not a couple days before, not even the morning of. I decided we would just show up at Seabreeze and then...I would tell him. I told him we were going somewhere, but that it was a surprise. He thought it was going to be a store. We get there and park, and he still doesn't know where we are. So, I got my camera out and got his reaction on tape. It's pretty darn cute!

We had a lot of fun! It was a super hot day in the 90's, but I'd take that over the downpours we've had the past 2 years.  We spent most of our time watching Will go on the car ride.

Sam got in a few rides too!

Unfortunately for this one hot and sweaty mama, neither Will or Sam wanted anything to do with the water. When I finally dragged them down to the kiddie pool, Will spent his time like this...

Pouting in the stroller, because he wanted to go back to the cars.

And Sam...

Zonked out in Grandma's arms.

 Cousin Ben, on the other hand...

LOVES the water!

Will did try out the other kiddie rides too...

 All about the thumbs up these days.

Will wanted to go on a big kid ride. I told him he wasn't big enough for it, but he was adamant that he was a big boy and he could. He told me to take his (this) picture, then had me look at it and said, "See? I am a big boy!" Nice try Will.

 Sam spent most his time watching Will and pointing whenever he saw him.

 Another Seabreeze come and gone. This is going to be one long year if Will starts asking everyday about going to Seabreeze again.

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