Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Will usually isn't a fan of posing for a picture. He usually tries to stay as far away as he can from crazy camera mommy. But for some reason he thinks it's the greatest thing when I put the camera on timer- continuous shot. Between seeing mommy run over all silly and hearing the camera click all by itself he is quite amused.

Here he is testing out the camera shot for me.

I told him to move over just a little bit, so there would be room for me on the blanket.

 He took me very seriously. He went on to move over a good 5 ft. I know you think I'm pretty big, Will, but come on now.

 Take 1: Finally got him positioned right on the blanket, and mommy messed up the camera.

Take 2: Sam gets in the way!

Take 3: Perfect!

Only 3 tries? Not bad!

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