Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Memorial Day...a week late.

Eh, what can I say. I'm not a perfect blogger. I don't always have my posts written about events before they happen or even the day after. Sometimes a week late is the best I've got.

Memorial day. I got out early in the morning with the boys to do some thrift store 50% off sale shopping. Scored some good stuff! After Sam's morning nap we headed out to my family's house to hang. Dean had to work until 2pm, but he came out later as well. My family is going to be selling their house soon *insert sad face* so most of the day was spent working on it. We did have some time to just chill, eat good food and play some bocce. We always have fun times together.

I got Sam's outfit from our shopping that morning!

Sam & Will with their Aunt Kate! So stinkin' cute!

 Sam and Papa Dana watching the big kids play bocce!



 In case you couldn't tell from our happy faces, it was hot out.

 Will and Aunt Kristen.

And of course, no family get together is complete without some butt shots.

The end.

(Thanks for taking some of the pictures Kristen!)

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