Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And His Name Shall Be Called...

This is the first time I (we) really had to think about what to name this second son of ours. Will was easy. It was a "Wanna do the 3rd?" "Yeah, sounds good." kind of thing.

We'd had an idea of a couple boys names we liked, even before I was expecting. But when we got prophesied over back in January of this year, we new exactly which name we would choose for our next son. I'd like to share a little bit of the transcript from our presbytery:

"Do you guys have any kids?  One kid?  Get ready for more!  Because the Lord says, “I'm going to bless your household with multiple children.”  Multiple children.  Particularly, do you have a son?  Well, there’s another one coming, and this one’s going to be a real daddy’s boy.  He’s going to be attached to you, brother, like (white on rice?).  So, get ready for this one.  And he’s going to follow in his father’s footsteps, and God’s going to raise up this young man to be a prophet in the house of the Lord.  So, be ready.  I don’t know when.  It’s your timing or God’s timing.  But it’s going to happen, and he’s going to be a prophet so be ready for this one."

It was just amazing hearing those words from God! This child hadn't even been conceived, yet we were getting a glimpse at Gods wonderful plan for his life. I got teary eyed hearing it. Which, for me (not pregnant) is big.

Now, no one (but us) knew at the time that we were already planning on trying to conceive the very next month, and just about 2 months after those words were spoken I got pregnant! Although he didn't specify that our next child would be this son he spoke about, I was never very doubtful that it wasn't.

One of the names we liked for a boy was Samuel. Once we heard those prophetic words, it was a no brainer that Samuel would be the name for this second son of ours.

It took us a bit longer to choose a middle name. I love the idea of using family names, especially surnames. I've never been the type to just search through a baby name book, and pick a name that sounds good with no personal meaning to it. Many people had their opinions about what name to use, but I never let that sway me. As long as Dean and I agree on a name, that's all that mattered. There were some good options mentioned, but none really stood out to us. But, we have finally come to an agreement on a name for our son, due to arrive in just a few short weeks! And his name shall be called....

Samuel Leonard Eaton! (Samuel meaning "His Name Is God." Leonard meaning "Brave As A Lion" and is also Dean's mothers maiden name.)

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