Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pregnancy Diary: Week 37

I take back what I said last week about being fine with going past my due date. Oy. That pretty much describes how I am feeling these days. Tomorrow (the 14th) officially marks my 37th week, and I give my full permission to this babe to come as soon as he wants after that. I am so much more uncomfortable this time around, it's ridiculous! I look, feel and sound like a giant pig when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. Using only my upper body (because my abs are MIA) to push myself up to a sort of side sitting position, I slowly scootch my way towards the edge of the bed. All the while I am grunting and groaning, and my pelvis is making these popping noises. Now that can't be good.

Once I am up and running waddling it gets a bit easier to maneuver myself around. Although, picking up toys has turned into kicking toys in the general direction of where they belong.

Aside from the achyness, I am feeling pretty well. I really would like to make it past Thanksgiving. That way I can eat all I want, let my stomach hang out, and no one would be of the wiser. Doesn't get much better then that!

37 Weeks Pregnant with Samuel

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