Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pregnancy Diary: Week 39

Only one more week until people start freaking out when they find out when I'm due, and look at me like I am crazy for not being induced yet. Ok, so that only happened once before, but still. People expect you to be laid up on the couch all day, and God forbid you actually...lift something. There is no reason to not keep living as normal, if you are able to. Sure, I may waddle instead of walk, and look very silly trying to get up off the floor. But the laundry still needs to be carried down to the basement, groceries need to be brought into the house and my 33lb+ 2 year old occasionally needs to be held by mommy.

I am feeling pretty well still, although I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. I was out late Wednesday night, and only got 6 hours of sleep. I think my body just got run down. Hopefully it won't last too long.

I had an appointment last Wednesday with my midwife. Everything is looking good, but it seems like this boy isn't quite sure where he wants to be. We are both pretty certain the head is down, but he seems to be rotating between Right Occiput Posterior (his back on my right side, which is what Will was), to Posterior (his back is laying on my back, which makes for harder labor). The past couple of days he seemed to be back in the ROC position, but as I write this he feels more posterior to me. I go back this Wednesday (assuming he doesn't come before then) and she will check me to make sure his head is down.

I have really been trying lately to savor every moment as it is. I find myself living for the next day; for the next fun event. Always wishing that nap time would just hurry up and get here, instead of cherishing the moments I have being alone with Will. Thinking that if I just get through these next couple of days, the weekend will be here. I was so excited about being pregnant again (not that I'm not anymore), loving my pregnant belly, and feeling the baby move. Now it's almost over. When Will was born I was constantly, anxiously, looking forward to his next milestone: Rolling over, sitting, crawling, etc. Instead of just completely savoring the sweet newborn stage.

So, for now, I will love, cherish and be grateful to feel my sweet baby move inside my womb. Regardless of where he decides to kick his little legs....

39 Weeks Pregnant With Samuel

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