Monday, September 22, 2014

Being a mom to three {boys}: The first year

Here we are, a little over one year of life with three boys! I didn't think it was possible, but this past year has flown by faster than any other. Life is definitely crazy with three boys! So. Much. Wrestling. And yelling from the wrestling. And whining from the wrestling. And injuries from the wrestling. Even Charlie likes to get in on the action. Speaking of sweet, always smiling, baby boy has been replaced by an opinionated, moody, tantrum throwing little man baby. He even beats up on his older brothers if they do something he doesn't like. This is definitely a first for me to have my one year old act this way. He is definitely requiring some extra love and patience!

I have been asked many times by parents with one or two kids if the jump from two to three was as tough as "they" say it is. My response is neither a Yes or a No.

It has definitely been a challenging year, but I don't think the fact that I have three kids instead of two was the issue. After Charlie was born, it took quite awhile to adjust to being able to get anything done that didn't involve feeding the boys or changing diapers. But you know what? I went through that after Will was born, as well as with Sam. It wasn't a third child struggle as much as it was a new baby struggle. 

I feel like whatever challenges I am faced with as a mom are going to happen whether I have 2,3 or 10 kids. And the thing about kids is....they grow up. The older they get the less needy and more independent they become. Yes, they will definitely still have their challenging moments, but they will also be able to dress and feed themselves. They can empty the dishwasher, sweep the floor, and clean up their own toys. I have Will help bring in almost all of the grocery bags which is a tremendous help. He also likes to push Sam and Charlie in the grocery cart which keeps him from complaining, and I am much more efficient finding what I need. As long as he doesn't crash into a chapstick display. That could really slow things down. Hypothetically speaking. They can give the baby his bottle/binky/blanky, so you don't have to stop and do it yourself every 5 minutes. 

Overall, things are good as of late. All of their ages are so much fun. Will is almost 6 (!!!) and is really able to comprehend more and more every day, and we can have some more meaningful conversations. Sam is SO stinkin' CUTE. I wish I could strap a camera on him and just record everything he says and does. He is so loving, sweet and snuggly. I can't keep track of how many times a day he will say, "I yuv you mom" or come give me a hug. Charlie can be a lot of fun too, when he is in the right mood. He loves chasing his brothers around, and getting in on the ball playing or toy dinosaur fights. There are definitely days where I feel a complete lack of control. That there is so much fighting, and whining and what I say goes in one ear and straight out the other. Some days I am able to remain calm, and just stop and give hugs in the midst of chaos. Other days I yell. A lot. We are all pro's at the "I'm sorry for (insert offense here) will you forgive me" drill.

So, to all you moms in the throws of new baby hood. You are doing a great job! No one does it all, you hear me? It will get easier. 

And now, some cute pictures of my boys taken a few weeks ago after church...

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