Monday, August 5, 2013

Being a mom to three {boys} :: The first 6 weeks

Side note: Pictures above were taken a couple weeks ago now.

These days, when you see I have actually gotten a blog post written out, you can pretty much guarantee that there are dishes to do, floors to clean up and laundry to wash and put away. I feel like I spend half of the day either nursing Charlie or trying to get him to sleep, and the other half is spent feeding, cleaning, entertaining or consoling the older boys after a wrestling match ends in tears (which, let's be honest now, is every time). There is no doubt that life with three kids is busy!

Time just flies by! I have a list a mile long of things I would like to get accomplished, but most days I am lucky if the dishes get done and we all have clean underwear in a hamper somewhere. It definitely has been nice taking advantage of the I-have-a-newborn card though and having lazy days at home. Especially since I know the time is drawing near when Will will be starting school, and a more structured day will be necessary, it has been nice to just take our days nice and slow.

I am very grateful that Will and Sam have welcomed Charlie into our lives like it was nothing. Will is such a big help. Whether it's popping Charlie's binky back into his mouth or running upstairs to grab me something, just those small things help so much! And then there is Sam. Sweet Sam has shown nothing but love towards Charlie. Although it may be a bit too much love. The hugs. THE HUGS. Full body, face to face hugs. All. The. Time.

I have already managed the grocery shopping day with all three kids a few times now. We've added on another hour or so to our little routine, but other than that it hasn't been that bad. I typically bring lots of snacks to keep them happy. But a friend of mine suggested using organic lollipops, and that has worked out pretty well. Snacks are usually shoved quickly into their mouths, but the lollipop is licked nice and slow. It gives me at least 10 minutes before their little hands are reaching out for more. They are told if they want a lollipop they have to obey at the first store in order to get it at the second store, and it all works out in the end!

Charlie is already 6 weeks old, and I cannot believe it! He's been a bit crabby lately (aka gassy) and loves to be held. Having a baby wrap/sling has been great, especially during the dinner hour, but I am not kidding when I say this. If anyone would like to come over and hold Charlie during his awake time. COME! You can hold one of the cutest babies ever. I can wipe down my counters or eat a meal. We can chat. Win win.

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  1. great pics and what a cutie! I'd come hold that cute baby, but mine is gassy and needy too... LOL. I have that same open invitation. :)