Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Breaking my dry spell :: A Summer recap

Heeeey. Long time no post! Once I finished up Charlie's monthly updates, things got pretty quiet around here. It's not that I haven't had anything I've wanted to write about. I wish I was able to keep up with writing here more. If for nothing more than to have a place to document my crazy and fun, sweet, yet hard, life raising these boys of mine. Writing here is a big commitment of my time, and I decided to just let it go for the Summer. I wanted to be able to enjoy these sweet days of Summer with my boys, and relax as much as possible. Their ages are a lot of fun right now (although NOT without there challenges!) It was nice not having any sort of schedule. To be able to just get in as much fun as we could before it all to quickly passed us by....

We had many walks to our neighborhood park, and picnics with friends. We went to an amusement park twice, and spent a day at the zoo. 

We went blueberry and cherry picking, and played with friends in a creek. We rode bikes, and played lots of backyard baseball. 

We had tractor rides, BBQ's and roasted marshmallows over a campfire. We spent a lot of time at the beach, and had fun checking out new spray parks. 

We swam in big pools, kiddie pools and ran through the hose. We had lazy days at home, and many family movie nights snuggled on the couch. 

We played hopscotch, and jumped in puddles after a summer rain. We went to the fair, the boys went to the air show and we ate way too much ice cream. 

We had birthday parties, graduation parties and babies being born. 

Don't get me wrong. We had plenty of hard days. Days where there was more yelling than laughing. Days where we spent most of the day in time out and apologizing, again and again. Days where I barely scraped together 3 meals. But oh, we so many good days. So many fun memories were made. I want so badly for my boys to look back on their childhood fondly. Not that I am willing to discard teaching them important life lessons like being grateful, thinking of others and working hard in the name of them being happy. I sure hope we can do a good job as parents finding a good balance. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Summer...

As Summer winds down now, I find myself craving a bit of structure. We will be starting school back up next week, so this week is a rush to get things organized. As we start spending more days at home, I hope to write here a little more often. I am not promising anything though. It will be on my to do list, but not even close to the top. With Will in 1st grade, Sam in Pre-K and a very active and opinionated 1 year old my days will still be plenty full. But every so often I will pop in here to say hello. I hope you all had a great Summer as well!

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