Friday, June 28, 2013

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 1 Postpartum

One week old already! Charlie has been a great baby so far just doing the typical baby thing. Nurse, sleep, nurse, awake, nurse, sleep, nurse, poop, nurse and repeat. He takes a binky already too which is awesome.

I am feeling rested enough, although my body is still healing, so I am trying to take it easy. My mom has been great all week helping with the boys and housework. I am positive things would be a lot more stressful if it weren't for her help.

I've only had one emotional meltdown so far, which, surprise, surprise, happened at 4am a couple nights after Charlie was born. My milk had come in and I was so sore, but Charlie would barely nurse for 2 min and then pass out, giving me no relief. I convinced myself that something was wrong with his latch. My wonderful midwife sent over a lactation consultant the next day who gave me back the confidence that he was doing just fine. I can't wait to be feeling 100% again, so I can go out and show him off!

Here we are one week postpartum! Here I am with Sam one week postpartum.

My sister came over this morning to help do a newborn photo shoot, but it was a complete fail. How do real photographers do it?!? Between it being an overcast day leaving us with poor lighting to a baby who wouldn't stop squirming or crying unless he had a binky or was nursing, this is all we got:

I did manage to get these the other day though.

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