Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maternity photo shoot :: Anna

I am so excited to share some of the maternity pictures I got of my sister in law, Anna. She is due exactly one month after I am, with a little girl, and simply gorgeous (as you will see).

I wanted to try and do something a little different for her, since being in a field of flowers or standing by a tree aren't exactly her style (although she could pull off any look!) So, we ventured downtown and did something a little more urban.

I am such a beginner photographer, and had way to many out of focused pictures. Thankfully, I took like 400 pictures, so by chance I was able to get some great ones too. It was so hard to pick which ones to share, but here are some of my favorites!

I still haven't decided if having gutters in your shot is considered cool or not. But regardless, I love these pictures.

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