Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life lately

First off, thank you so much for all the lovin' we've received the past few days since Charlies arrival. We feel truly blessed.

Charlie is doing great. His birth was just perfect (which I will definitely be sharing in due time), and he is healthy as can be. The boys have shown nothing but love towards him, although emotions have been a little wonky. Trying to show them extra grace (as much as sleep deprived parents can) but still maintain a level of obedience has been the biggest challenge.

Sleeping at nights. Not. But then today I discovered this:

We've got ourselves a tummy sleeper! I had been swaddling him up, and having him on his back/side, whenever I've laid him down, but he always woke up within minutes. He's been zonked out in his bassinet for over 3 hours now. First time he has slept that long not being held. This. Is a good thing. 

Today Dean had to go back to work, but my mom is graciously spending the day here until nap time tending to the boys and housework, and I am spending the day in bed. As hard as it is to keep myself from doing too much, too soon, I know my body needs this. By day two I couldn't help myself from picking up toys, cleaning the counters and rinsing off dishes. But within minutes of doing it, my body was saying, "You is crazy!" So, ouch. 

I can't wait to share his birth story and the beautiful pictures from it! Now, off to nurse my hungry boy!

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