Monday, March 4, 2013

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 24

I am feeling pretty great, pregnancy wise. Lots of peeing. I had a few days of belly achyness right after I wrote my last diary post, but it has gone away now. Just stretching pains I suppose. I forgot to mention last time that my braxton hicks have started up, although not as early as they did with Sam. It was around 20 weeks with him.

This past week has been super stressful. Will, Sam and I all got sick last Monday. Between dealing with mopey kids (rightfully so), being up multiple times a night with them and being sick myself I am glad that week is over.  I am still fighting to get better though. Stress and me don't do well, and instead of getting better my cold turned into a sinus infection over the weekend. Which in turned made me even more stressed since we are leaving for our cruise this Wednesday! Thankfully though, I am feeling much better today, and am hopeful the sinus infection stays away. I am still a coughing, snotty, chapped nose mess though, so I am praying to be even better come Wednesday. I am hoping some nice au natural vitamin D and r&r will do me some good too!

Although I have gained the same amount of weight so far as I did with my last pregnancies, I definitely feel like my belly is bigger this time around. Here I am at 24 weeks with Sam for comparison, and here I am today!

Here's hoping the next time I post here I will be a little more tan, and not red with dry, peeling skin!

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