Monday, December 24, 2012

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 14

Ahhhhhhh. I am really liking how good 14 weeks is looking! The past few days I have finally made a turn for the better, and am starting to feel "normal". It's been 4 days and counting since I threw up last. Woo hoo! I still have low energy, and have to sit down and rest every so often when my heart starts pounding. But I have been back to doing laundry, sweeping floors and venturing into the kitchen. I even made scrambled eggs for myself and Dean yesterday; THAT is big people. Today I sat at the table and ate lunch with my boys!

The biggest focus right now is getting me to gain weight. Depending on what scale I am on, I am still 8-10lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. I am not too concerned since I lost 10lbs while pregnant with both Will and Sam as well, and I always go on to gain it back plus some! I still have very little appetite, so I am hoping it comes back soon!

I am SO happy that I am feeling better just in time for Christmas. Best gift ever!

Here's the belly at fourteen weeks!

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