Monday, December 10, 2012

Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 12

I have been longing to get to 12 weeks for, well, about 6 weeks now. Things aren't spectacular yet. But I am better than I was, so I'll take it. I remember feeling pretty much back to normal around 15 weeks with Sam. I am hoping it is the same for this time around, but it seems to be dragging on a bit longer. I still have 3 more weeks til 15, so I am hopeful!

Smells are the biggest trigger for making me throw up, which still happens a few times a day. I have almost zero appetite still, but I am making myself eat. My daily staples are yogurt, banana's and cottage cheese, although I definitely wouldn't describe them as cravings. It's just plain tasting food I can grab quickly from the kitchen.

I am trying to get up more and move around, whether it's picking up a few toys off the floor or folding laundry in bed. The more I move around, the more nauseous I become and the more my heart starts pounding. I get dizzy as well, which I am very careful about. I actually did pass out when pregnant with Will (in the check out line at a store!) and came pretty close while pregnant with Sam.

Our whole household is definitely ready for mom to "come back" (including me!).

So, here is the first belly bump shot. Although, to be quite honest, I am pretty sure the reason for me "showing" is my very (painful!) backed up bowels! Oh the joys of pregnancy!

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