Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am excited to announce...

WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! I am beyond excited! No official closing date yet, but it could be as soon as next week. Gah!

I wrote back in June about how much I hated the whole process of finding a house. We started looking back in March/April. I tell ya, houses were selling like hotcakes! We'd see a house the first day it was listed, call to make an appointment to see it and find out that a higher than the asking price offer was already accepted. So frustrating!

But anyways, about OUR HOUSE. We saw it online when it was first listed back in May, and we skipped over it pretty quickly. It didn't have a front porch (which I really would have liked) and from the pictures the backyard looked dinky. Fast forward to the beginning of August. Things are starting to slow down in the house selling market. We are starting to get a bit uncertain that we will find a house we like in our price range.

I really did not want to spend another winter in our current house. Last year I was sick for weeks after we turned our heat on. My goal was to get into a new place before we absolutely had to use the heat here.

I did a search for houses that have dropped their prices, and stumbled on this house again. The price had been dropped $5,000, putting it exactly at our price limit. Typically when a house is on the market that long, and has the price reduced it means something ain't right with it; needs a new roof, etc. We decided to go ahead and do a walk through anyways, assuming we'd find out then something was majorly wrong. As soon as we made the appointment I wanted to cancel it. I thought the backyard was going to be to small, and was kind of bummed about the no porch thing, but we went anyways. And I am so glad we did.

The backyard was much bigger than I thought (not huge, but doable for a city house). The (white!) kitchen was super cute. Master bedroom was a good size, with two other smaller bedrooms. A decent basement, a full walk up attic. Nothing about it stood out as a red flag. The realtors on either side could not figure out why it wasn't selling, since there wasn't anything majorly wrong with it. It was a total God thing if I ever saw one. He was just saving it for us! I wouldn't say it gave me butterflies from excitement at the time, but we just knew this was the one.

We put in the offer that night (on a Saturday) and by Monday our offer was accepted.

It's been a long process dealing with the bank though (ugh), but we got the call today that we are clear to go! I am so excited to move in and make it our own. I have already been visualizing paint colors and what will go where. But before I can have fun decorating (and go crazy on Pinterest!) I gotta do the dirty work first. I officially packed my first box yesterday, which officially means this next week I am officially going to go crazy. So watch out!

P.S. How many of you thought this was a going to be a "We're having a baby" annoucement?? Did I git ya?? I thought so.

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