Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to the everyday

Dean and I had a great time on our trip! It was pretty short, but long enough to make me anxious to get back to our everyday routine (and normal eating!)

We left Sunday morning around 8:30am to meet up with others at a park and ride off of the thruway, and traveled in a big bus. We hit the road officially by 10:30am. It is usually a very nice, uneventful trip. Just relax and read a book or watch a movie they have playing. We stop once for lunch, and are able to stretch our legs and breath some fresh air.

Right around 1pm, we pulled off to a thruway stop. The driver noticed one of her warning lights was on, and saw that she was leaving a trail of something. Turns out there was a leak in the radiator. We ended up hanging for for 2 hours for someone to come fix it. It is a short trip as it is, so wasting 2 hours hanging there was quite the bummer!  Everyone stayed in great spirits though. We finally hit the road a little after 3pm. We started to smell something burning right away, but everyone assumed it was radiator fluid burning off. We had been on the road for about 10 minutes when BAM! We blew a tire! The driver handled the bus well, and pulled to the side of the road. Turns out the guy who fixed the radiator left something out of place that was dragging on the tire. At this point all we could do was shake our heads and laugh.

Thankfully it was a BEAUTIFUL day out, so we all just hung out in the grass on the side of the highway. We must have been quite a sight!

 That tractor trailer? Yeah. It wasn't just slowly passing by. It was going at least 65 mph, and swerving to avoid the bus!

 The whole side of the bus around the tires went flying off too! Thank the Lord it didn't cause any accidents!

We finally arrived at our destination, over 2.5 hrs later than we should have. We had dinner reservations we were late for, so we all had to rush to our rooms to freshen up. My shirt was a bit wrinkled, and dry shampoo saved my dreary travel hair.

Dinner was fantastic, as always, and afterwards everyone went their separate ways. Our first stop was the most awesome bowling alley you will ever see!  (Please excuse the grainy pictures. The dim lights set a wonderful mood, but made for crappy pictures.)

Monday morning we got to sleep in! We had a little breakfast, and then Dean had to walk around the convention doing whatever it is he had to do. The past 2 years we've gone I have always told myself I would get to the gym while Dean was busy, buuuuut I always ended up being a lazy butt and just lounging in the hotel room watching tv. But this year I finally hit up the gym. I was pretty proud of myself.

I met Dean for lunch, and then we had the afternoon free! We walked around a bit, played some pool and because we just had to...played some slots. This place is so huge with casino's everywhere. I couldn't imagine going there with the sole purpose of gambling (which is what most of the people were there for)! We were pretty lame getting super excited and dancing whenever we'd win, even if it was only $1.00, but it was a lot of fun to goof around.

 Picture taking wasn't allowed in the casinos or else I would have taken some!

We went up to the 25th floor of one of the towers, and got a picture of just part of the whole place.

Monday night there was a cocktail dinner for the convention goers. It's fun to dress up, drink some wine and eat some awesome food.

I brought my camera with us hoping to get some nice pictures, but it just never worked out to take it. We'd usually be away from our room for an extended period of time, and I didn't want to lug the thing around all day/night. Thank goodness for cellphones though! We at least got some pictures, even if they did look like this:

The trip home Tuesday was uneventful. We were very anxious to get home and see the boys, and they were happy to see us!

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