Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Sunny Wednesday

We had such a fun, full and productive day yesterday! It was warm and sunny with the smell of Spring in the air; just beautiful! I wish I had this much get up and go on cold and gloomy days.

In the morning we had a quick breakfast, and after a little meltdown from a certain 3 year old boy, we headed out to the gym. The boys got to play with new toys and mama got in her workout. Win, win! Once home, Sam went down for his morning nap, and I cleaned out my disgusting, apple core ridden car while Will played in the yard. I got in a quick shower before Sam woke up, and then we had a picnic lunch in the backyard!

I wanted to get the oil changed in my car and walk to the library while we waited, but my neighborhood mechanic couldn't take it today. Boo! So instead, we cleaned up the kitchen, and headed down the street to the playground. You guys, I love this playground. It is literally 2 blocks from our house. It's in a great neighborhood. Partially fenced. Really big. Lot's of big trees for some shade. I will dearly miss it whenever we end up moving (which will hopefully be kind of soon; gah!). 

Last minute Aunt Anna & cousin Ben and Aunt Val decided to come too! Ben just cracks me up man. This was his first time on the swings, and he wasn't a fan. As you can see.

Will was always on the go, so I hardly got any pictures of him. He loved playing in the sandbox though!

Yes. He did just throw sand on his head.

What?!? It can't be so. We actually got a decent picture of me and Sam? This NEVER happens.

Sam hanging out with Aunt Val!

Sam's newest trick is pointing. At everything. We asked Sam, "Where's Ben?"

There he is!

We played for a good 1 1/2 hours at the playground until the it'sdefinitelytimeforanap whining began, and then we headed home for some rest.

I'd like to say that the whole day was just wonderful, but our great day ended with a certain 3 year old throwing a crazy fit in the bathtub, because he didn't want me to wash the sand out of his hair. I know I am such a terrible mom. We can't always win, I suppose.

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