Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our week in pictures

Happy Saturday everyone! I just love Saturdays. Dean still has work, and I pretty much do the same thing I do Monday through Friday. But for some reason it just feels different. There is more of a hustle and bustle out in the world or something. Today is going to be a great day; I can just feel it! I got to the gym this morning, showered, did a little cleaning and once Sam is up from his nap we're off to run a couple errands. Dean has a bachelor party tonight, so it's just me and the boys all day. I'm sure we'll end up watching Bambi or Fox and the Hound, and hopefully have an early bedtime for the boys so I can have a nice quiet evening to myself!

A little funny story from the gym this morning. While I was on the treadmill a lady asked if she could change the tv channel that was in front of me to something other than Nanny McPhee. Having not seen it before I was actually getting into it, but I obliged. She changed it to the Pioneer Womans show on Food Network. Sweet! The lady got on the treadmill next to me, and I commented that I followed the Pioneer Womans blog had been wanting to see this show.

Then she says, " I don't really like her; she homeschools." Ha!

I said, "Oh? You don't like homeschooling."

She responded with, "No. I'm a teacher."

To which I said, "Oh. Well, I was homeschooled."

Looking back I have come up with many more better responses like, "Then you should know how much dedication and hard work it takes to educate children!" But of course I didn't think to say that then.

She reponded with, "Well, then you'll probably like her then." and we ended with that. Perhaps if we were in a different situation I would have tried to continue the conversation, but I had been on the treadmill for over 20 minutes and was quite out of breath. It was all quite ammusing though.

We had a pretty typical week around here. Will finally got over his ear infection (Yay!), so I did a lot of running around that I wasn't able to do last week. This is what our week looked like photo style!

We looked out the window.

 Made our own lunch.

 Got into the toilet paper while mama was sewing. (Look what happens when I tell him no...)

 I swear. I only said no. Dramatic much? Sheesh.

 We played outside in t-shirts!

 Wore shoes with no socks.

 Played at the playground.

 Climbed on tables.

Ate some butter.

Got a haircut.

Made silly faces!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I love the butter pic! And I can't wait to see Will's new haircut soon!!! You're an awesome mom, Stacey. I'm excited to do fun homeschool things with our kids in the near future! But I can sympathize with Sam... I'd probably cry that hard if you said no to me, too :P