Friday, June 24, 2011

5 years

I'm a bit late in writing this. It is so hard to find time these days to sit down and write!

Dean and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last week on the 17th of June. I am so blessed to have him as mine. I don't think I let him know that as much as I should. We have definitely had our rough patches, but we truly are happy and continue to choose to love each other more than ever before.

He is a great father. He loves to go on little outings with Will. It is the sweetest thing ever watching him walk away with Will up on his daddy's shoulders to go get a slice of pizza. Spur of the moment, 20 minute outings together will make such an impact on our children. I am grateful for that. He loves his boys so much, and he would be a happy, happy man if I gave him 5 more sons. Although I am pretty certain he'd fall madly in love with a little girl too.

He is such a hard worker, you don't even know. Working (at least) 12 hour days, 6 days a week, trying to grow his business. It's not the fancy cars, jet ski's or a human catapult that he's striving for. It's wanting to provide a great life for his family that drives him.

I love that he thinks I'm hot wearing a flannel shirt and baggy sweatpants, with no make up on and my hair all a mess. Which is good, because that was a common look over the winter after having Sam!

I love that he is still super attracted to me, even after birthing two kids, and he tells me that daily.

I love having him home, and I look forward to the day that it happens more often. It makes doing the dishes or sweeping the floor so much more enjoyable just knowing he's in the other room.

We had talked earlier in the year about trying to get away for a couple days, but Sam still won't take a bottle so he couldn't be left for long. A girl from a blog I follow was celebrating her and her husbands 5 year anniversary on the same day, and they were spending Paris! I told this to Dean, and he felt pretty bummy that we weren't doing anything fancy. But you know what? I didn't care! The day was about us. We had nothing to prove. Although fancy restaurants are fun on rare occasions, that isn't us. It never will be.

He took a half day, getting home around 1pm. We went out to lunch at Highland Diner with the boys, and played some Nintendo DS while the boys napped. Aunt Lydia came over to baby sit, and we went out to Sticky Lips BBQ for dinner. We stopped back home so I could nurse Sam and get the boys in bed. Then we went back out to Magnolia's on Park Ave for some dessert (some freakin' delicious desserts I might add). We were back home by 10pm, and enjoyed the rest of the night in bed. You know, snuggling. Our day was perfect.

On our honeymoon, 5 years ago. Bahamas.

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