Sunday, April 4, 2010


Ahh, what a wonderful weekend this has been! So wonderful I just have to document it.

I started out Thursday like I have every Thursday for awhile now.....with our weekly trip to the Public Market! It was a perfect day for it. I am so happy we made it through the winter, and never missed a week! I let Will out of his stroller to walk around for a bit, and he had fun going up and down the curb and waving bye to the cars driving by. We met up with a good friend too, which was lovely. I had my second appointment with a local herbalist, to try and get my skin problem under control. It has been a rough road dealing with it for almost a year now. I have pretty much cut out ALL grains and sugar from my diet, minus some special occasions: Date nights, Holidays, etc. We made some good progress, and I am very hopeful for the healing of my skin. My sister was nice enough to watch Will a bit longer, and I was able to do a little leisurely shopping. I also sold my first Simply Stacey flower at Thread! If this day wasn't perfect enough, my newest niece, Mya Grace, decided to enter the world 15 days early via Deans oldest sister, Tabitha!

Friday, April 2nd. My husbands birthday! Another beautiful day. Dean took half the day off, and we were able to spend some time together, just us 3. We went up to the park, and Will enjoyed watching the doggies, and putting acorns in his mouth. That evening we got together with a great group of friends. Had dinner at Dinosaur BBQ, went bowling, and then a fire and dessert back at our place. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect night!

Saturday Dean was back to work, so it was just Will and I together all day. We got out for a run, and then stopped at the playground for some playtime. Will loves the playground! I am pretty sure if we let him outside, he could make his way there himself. He got all sweaty and rosy cheeked. It was the cutest thing.

Easter Sunday was lovely. The church small group we have at our house put on an Easter breakfast for the church. It was crazy, but turned out well. Had a nice church service. I shall always marvel at the goodness of our God, and the wondrous gift his Son gave for us. After Will napped, we spent the rest of the day with my family at my Aunt and Uncles house. Played some games, had yummy food, and had good chats.

I was trying to get a nice picture of Will all dressed up, but he wouldn't have it. That's the best shot I got.

So now, it brings us to the present. Will is sound asleep. I am enjoying the peace and quiet, a warm cup of tea, and looking forward to whatever adventures come our way this week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend of your own.

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