Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pregnancy Diary: Week 7

First, thanks to everyone for the words of congratulations and encouragement. I really appreciate it!

I am 7 weeks into my second pregnancy. Unofficial due date is Dec 3rd. To be honest with ya, I have been feeling completely horrible. I was so hopeful going into this pregnancy that the 1st trimester wouldn't be as bad as it was with my first, which was completely horrible. But, unfortunately, that hasn't been the case.

We found out I was pregnant on Deans birthday, so that was fun! It was hard keeping it a secret that whole weekend between a birthday get together for Dean, and then Easter Sunday with the family.

My first week of knowing I was pregnant was quite different then it was for my first. With Will, as soon as I took the test I immediately became very tired, and my desire to eat quickly decreased leading up to complete nausea and disgust for anything to do with food. This one started off with me being very hungry, and completely moody, emotional, and almost bursting into tears at a store because I was 2 days late on their return policy, leading up to complete nausea and disgust for almost anything to do with food.

Although it was super hard dealing with morning sickness 24/7 sickness with my first, it is even harder this time having to take care of my 17 month old. Thank goodness for mothers though! She came and saved Will on Friday morning, and he stayed there for the weekend. It's a hard thing to admit that you aren't the one best fit to care for your child, but I just couldn't do it. The poor kid was pretty much living on crackers and water. I missed him SO MUCH! He is back with us now though, and I pray for the strength to care for him on my own tomorrow!

After a few day of eating almost nothing at all, I have been able to keep some select foods down. This whole thing is just so strange! One day I was able to eat crackers throughout the day and keep them down, and the next I barely get down two crackers only to throw them up 5 minutes later.

We are very excited for this new little one growing in me, and I look forward to documenting this wonderful journey of life!

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  1. You can do it Stacey!!! I love you! Let me know if you need anything at all!!!