Saturday, September 24, 2016

Henry Francis :: Two

Henry turned 2 months last Sunday. I can't believe it! He has started talking a little and is becoming more smiley. Sleeping is all over the place, but such is life with a newborn! I'd love to stay he's been an easy going baby, but he's been a bit crabby as of late. He gets startled so easily too, which is not a good thing when you have 3 older, and very loud, big brothers!

He has been slow gaining weight, weighing in at only 8lbs 12oz (7lbs 6oz at birth). We have been keeping a close eye on his weight. His pediatrician is so great and supportive, and is not super concerned just yet. Really hoping we can figure out what's going on, and get some chub on this little peanut!

Here is Henry at 2 months! And no, he doesn't have red hair. That's just the light shining just right off of his cradle cap.

All that tummy time tired him out!

Sam at 2 months old
Charlie at 2 months old

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