Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Charlie George turns 3!

My sweet baby Charlie turned 3 years old today! He's been my baby the longest out of his brothers, and I am cherishing these last few weeks with him as my youngest. He is very much a mama's boy, although try and leave him out of an outing with daddy and his big brothers, and he will not be a happy camper.

He is a tough little guy. Although, I guess with two big brothers you don't have much of a choice! He loves crashing trucks, playing super hero's, riding bikes, playing any kind of sport, wrestling (oh the wrestling!) and basically anything his big brothers are doing. He can be such a brute sometimes. As soon as daddy gets down on the floor, Charlie starts pumping himself up for an all out attack. He'll go to the other side of the room, take his stance, put on his fighting face, and then take off after his prey. He loves going high, super high, on the swings. Not the baby swings either. The big boy ones. When I am pushing him (opposed to daddy) he'll go, "Sigh. No mom. That's not higher." All the while I'm cringing having pushed him so "high".

He is also the sweetest little boy ever. The "I love you sooooo much!" is constant throughout the day. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. He LOVES helping me in the kitchen. He'll sit up on the counter to mix, mash, and pour. Sneaking the occasional finger into the honey jar, and asking every few minutes for a hug. Dean and I just love hearing him talk, saying new phrases all the time. "Don't do that ever AGAIN!" when his brothers make him mad. 

It's been two months since I cut him off from nursing and, his favorite, "touching my eat eat." He still asks for it every day. Not once have I given in, and he is still consistently asking, the stubborn little guy. I told him it's going to be for the baby, so he keeps asking when the baby is "going to come out and eat eat." 

He is so much fun to be around, we all love him so much! Happy birthday, Charlie George!

Minutes old

1 year

 2 years old

 3 years old!

"Mom! Look at my BIG elbows!"

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